Therapeutic Hypothermia

2015 AHA Guidelines Update for Post-Arrest Care

Dr. Abella's slides from his recent lecture "Highlights from the 2015 Guideline's Update" at the Hypothermia and Resuscitation Training (HART) Institute at Penn

Highlights from the 2015 Guideline's Update

Highlights from the 2015 Recommendations for Post-Cardiac Arrest Care from the American Heart Association include:

  1. Class I (strong) recommendations for:
    1. TTM to treat comatose post-cardiac arrest patients suffering OOH VF/pulseless VT (LOE B-Randomized)
    2. TTM to treat comatose post-cardiac arrest patients suffering non-VF/pulseless VT (‘non-shockable’) rhythms and IHCA (stronger recommendation than the 2010 guidelines) (LOE C-Expert Opinion)
    3. Selection and maintenance of a constant temperature within the range 320C and 360C (LOE B-Randomized)
  2. Class IIa (moderate) recommendation for TTM to be maintained for at least 24 hours after reaching target temperature (LOE C-Expert Opinion)
  3. Class IIb (weak) recommendation that it may be reasonable to actively prevent fever in comatose patients (LOE C-Limited Data)
  4. Class III (moderate – no benefit) recommendation against routine pre-hospital cooling of patients after ROSC with the rapid infusion of cold intravenous fluids. (LOE A)

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Last Updated: November 13, 2015