Therapeutic Hypothermia

Community CPR Knowledge and Awareness

Bystander CPR Knowledge and Awareness:

Since less than 30% of lay witnesses to cardiac arrest attempt cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), understanding the public's perception of CPR training and performance is essential to inform future CPR training methods. We developed mixed qualitative and quantitative survey interview instruments to assess lay public perspectives on CPR and AEDs, which we are administering in the hospital environment as well as in local Philadelphia churches and community centers with the hope that our findings will help inform future public messaging surrounding bystander CPR training and performance.

Promoting Awareness of SCA and Chain-of-Survival in communities:

To increase public awareness of sudden cardiac arrest, we occasionally host recognition events such as the Survivor Event June 2009 and the Chain-of-Survival Recognition Event March 2011. These events can help shed light on the importance of early effective bystander CPR and quality post-resuscitation care, while encouraging others to be an asset in their respective communities. Refer to pictures provided on the current website.

Study Contacts: Benjamin S. Abella, MD, MPhil and Audrey L. Blewer, MPH.

Educational Opportunities

Resuscitation Research Fellow

The Resuscitation Fellow with the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania will work closely with faculty and staff from the Department of Emergency Medicine's Center for Resuscitation Science, who are dedicated to research and training surrounding cardiac arrest and resuscitation with the goal of improving survival from sudden cardiac arrest. The resuscitation fellow will be highly engaged in research related to CPR quality, biomarker studies and interventions to improve cardiac arrest outcomes. In addition, the Resuscitation Fellow will engage in clinical rounds of patients who have been resuscitated from cardiac arrest and are undergoing therapeutic hypothermia. This position also includes 4-6 clinical shifts/month as an attending in the emergency department at the University of Pennsylvania Health System. Position is contingent on funding.

Length: 1-2 year position

If interested contact:

Benjamin S. Abella, MD, MPhil
Associate Professor and Clinical Director Center for Resuscitation Science
Department of Emergency Medicine
3400 Spruce Street, Ground Fl., Ravdin Bldg
Philadelphia, Pa 19104