Therapeutic Hypothermia

Previous Hypothermia Training Institute at Penn (HTIP)

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From October 2009 - October 2010, we held quarterly hypothermia-focused training courses, known as the Hypothermia Training Institute at Penn (HTIP). Participants travelled to Philadelphia from all over the United States and internationally to participate in this rigorous, two-day "boot camp". The course attracted nursing leaders, attending physicians, pharmacists, and paramedics; and while diverse, they were largely unified by the single goal of to be a successful resuscitation champion in their respective communities.

The course itself provided a balanced mixture of didactic lectures, break out, and simulations sessions. Click here for the course program. The small class size, much like current CPR courses, allowed for close interaction between participants and faculty as well as crucial hands-on time with therapeutic hypothermia (TH) devices and protocol materials.

In addition to providing interaction with HTIP faculty, practicality was another major goal of the course, with less emphasis on scholarly investigative findings and more time spent on the nuts and bolts of TH implementation. The faculty created simulation sessions integrating the use of cooling devices from Gaymar, Medivance, Phillips, and Zoll.

In addition, participants were able to meet representatives from the major TH device companies in order to ask questions and try out the different machines. With multiple devices on the market, each facility needs to carefully choose the one that will work best within their system.

A cardiac arrest survivor and TH recipient took the time to give a talk about their experiences during and after their arrest. This serves as a nice reminder to the attendees of the reason why they came to Philadelphia – to better serve their community and improve outcomes from cardiac arrest

With access to state-of-the-art simulation equipment and personnel, renowned TH faculty, and an integrated learning environment, this TH course is a success and something that will greatly enhance the TH landscape nationally.

Click here to see actual feedback from past participants.