Therapeutic Hypothermia

Educational Resources for Clinicians

brochure for family membersBrochure for Family Member's of Hypothermia Patients

Click here to view the Penn CRS brochure "Therapeutic Hypothermia: Caring for a loved one during hypothermia."


Nursing Quick Sheet

Please click here for the Nursing Quick Sheet which is a summary of the Therapeutic Hypothermia protocol. This document includes suggested order of activities, goals of therapy, and other important protocol information.

Post-Cardiac Arrest Management Algorithm

Please click here for goals and strategies to achieve hemodynamic optimization and integration of Therapeutic Hypothermia

Google Groups

The CRS has developed a forum to generate inter-hospital discussion on hypothermia implementation. The Penn Hypothermia Discussion Forum provides an opportunity for clinicians and medical professionals to discuss hypothermia implementation success stories and challenges. The responses by the medical professionals on this forum do not necessarily represent the opinion of the Center for Resuscitation Science and should be considered carefully.

For more information on the forum, or to become a member, please refer to this manual or email Audrey Blewer at

Therapeutic Hypothermia Audit Tools

Stony Brook University Medical Center TH Audit Sheet

Presbyterian Medical Center TH Audit Sheet

Munroe Regional Medical Center TH Audit Sheet

Munroe Regional Medicial Center Code Chill Tracking Sheet