Felipe Teran, MD

Felipe Teran, MDClinical Instructor of Emergency Medicine

Felipe Teran M.D. is a clinical instructor of Emergency Medicine in the Division of Emergency Ultrasound at University of Pennsylvania, in Philadelphia, USA. He works clinically at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and is a clinical investigator at the Center for Resuscitation Science at the Perelman School of Medicine. Dr. Teran completed his Emergency Medicine residency and fellowship in Emergency Ultrasound at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City. Dr. Teran's field of work includes critical care ultrasound, transesophageal echocardiography (TEE), emergency critical care and resuscitation. He has worked as co-chair in hospital cardiac arrest and stroke committees, leading several QA projects focusing on system issues to optimize resuscitation care in the emergency department (ED). He served as Academic Chief Resident and became the first Fellow of the ALL NYC Emergency Medicine organization.

Dr. Teran trained with cardiac anesthesia to perform transesophageal echo (TEE) and went to lead the creation of the first multidisciplinary program for the use of TEE in the ED in New York City at Mount Sinai Hospital, and later started similar program at University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Teran has published several manuscripts and book chapters in the areas of emergency critical care, ultrasound and resuscitation. He has given over 30 presentations nationally and internationally, and his work has been featured on EMCrit and EMRAP podcasts. Dr. Teran is currently a candidate of the Masters in Clinical Epidemiology (MSCE) at the University of Pennsylvania. His research work focuses on a novel therapy for the treatment of pulseless electrical activity and the use of TEE to improve quality of resuscitation from cardiac arrest. Dr. Teran has been recognized with awards as outstanding clinical educator and excellence in leadership.  He has canalized his passion for critical care and ultrasound education through the organization and direction of several workshops and regional EM conferences, including Resuscitate NYC EM Critical Care Conference and TEE workshops for the World Interactive Network Focused On Critical UltraSound (WINFOCUS). 

Sample of selected manuscripts:

  • Tainter CR, Braun OÖ, Teran F, Nguyen AP, Robbins K, O'Brien EO, McMillan ZM, Schmidt U, Meier A, Goebel M, Pretorius V, Brambatti M, Adler ED, Seethala R. Emergency department visits among patients with left ventricular assist devices.  Intern Emerg Med. 2017 Dec 22. doi: 10.1007/s11739-017-1776-8.(PMID: 29273909)
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