Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania
Center for Resuscitation Science

Emergency Preparedness using Virtual Reality

The University of Pennsylvania is conducting a research study on Emergency Preparedness using Virtual Reality (VR).

Get to experience an emergency response event in the safety of a virtual environment.

Researchers will ask you to respond to an emergency event as you would respond in real like to determine how to better prepare lay community bystanders how to respond to an emergency situation.

What will I be asked to do:
All subjects will be asked to participate in a 5 min virtual reality session at a location in the community and complete a pre- and post questionnaire.

Who is eligible:
Adults (18 years and older), who are non-medical providers who have been trained in emergency preparedness such as CPR, first aid, fire safety, Heimlich Maneuver etc., may be eligible.

For more information or to sign-up please call 215-746-5660 or email Alfredo Almodovar at:

Principal Investigator: Marion Leary RN, MSN, MPH

Emergency Preparedness Virtual Reality