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Alumni Photos

Kunfeng Sun & Yonggang Pei

International Conference on EBV KSHV August 2018, University of Wisconsin-Madison. Drs R. Singh, Y. Pei & F. Lang

Saurabh Pandey and Sagarika Banerjee

Drs Fengchao Lang and Shengwei Zhang
Previous lab members
Harald zur Hausen, (right) German virologist & Professor emeritus.  He has done research on cancer of the cervix, where he discovered the role of papilloma viruses, for which he received the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine 2008. Visited Robertson lab 2008.   Masano, Post-doc fellow (left)

2008 china
Erle with post-doc fellows in China 2008 (from the left) Tatha, Masano, Erle and Ke


Lab Party. 2006