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Robertson Lab

Cell Culture Protocols

                                                                              The Robertson Lab All Protocols List  
Cell Culture Protocols
1 Cell Lysis for PCR Analysis
2 Collecting and Transfecting Cells
3 Epithelial Cell Lines
5 GPT selection
6 HVS Transformation of PBMCs
7 Lymphocyte Isloation by Ficoll Gradient Centrifugation
8 Maintaining 293GP Clones in Culture
9 Mammalian Cell Selection by Panning
10 Mycophenolic Acid Selection
11 Preparation of Cell Cultures and Vaccinia Virus Stocks
12 Preparation of Insect Cell Cultures and Baculoviral Stocks
13 Primary Lymphocyte Electroporation
14 Protein Expression in Insect Cells Using Baculoviral Vectors Overview
15 Spin Infections
16 Transformation Efficiency Assay                                                                                       
Competent Cells
1 CaCl2 Preparation of Competent E.Coli
2 Preparing Ultra-Competent E.Coli                                                                                        
 E. Coli Transformation
1 Introduction of Plasmid DNA into Cells