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Robertson Lab

DNA Protocols

                                                                                     The Robertson Lab All Protocols List
DNA Fragment Purification from Agarose Gel
1 cDNA Amplification Kit
3 DNA Ladder Protocol
4 DNA Max-Preparation Protocol
5 DNA Mini-Preparation Protocol V1
6 DNA Maxi-Preparation. V1 9.06
7 Garbella Cell Gel Assay
8 Gel Shift Assay
9 Hirt supernatent DNA Preparation
10 Mini-Preparation for Plasmid Extraction
11 Mini Preparation Protocol V2
12 Nuclei Paraffin DNA
13 Oligo DNA
14 Optimization of DNA-RNA Extraction from FFPE paper
15 Phenol-Based Methods for Isolating DNA from Agarose Gels
16 Preparation Crude DNA for PCR- Preparation of Phage Lamda DNA
17 Protocols for the in Situ PCR-Amplification and Detection of mRNA and DNA Sequences
18 Rapid Separation of Protein-Bound DNA
10 S35 DNA Sequencing
20 Salmon Sperm DNA
21 Simultaneous Purification of Genomic DNA and Total RNA (Supplementary)
22 Trizol Reagent                                                                                                                                  
DNAse I Footprinting
1 DNAse I protocol for footprinting ToxR membranes                                                             
2 Optimization and troubleshooting DNase I footprinting reactions
3 P32 Labeling of Large DNA Fragments                                                                                          
Phage Lambda DNA Preparation
1 Large Scale Preparation of Bacteriophage Lambda                                                                         
2 Preparation of Phage Lambda DNA
Purification by CNBr Coupling Protocol
1 Analysis of DNA-Protein Interactions Using Proteins Synthesized In Vitro from Cloned Genes
2 CNBr-Activated Sepharose 4 Fast Flow
3 CNBr-Activated Sepharose 4B
4 Detection, Purification, and Characterization of cDNA Clones Encoding DNA-Binding Proteins
5 DNA-Protein Interactions
6 DNAse I Footprint Analysis of DNA-Protein Binding
7 Methylation Interference Assay for Analysis of DNA-Protein Interactions
8 Motility Shift DNA-binding Assay Using Gel Electrophoresis
9 Preparation of Nuclear and Cytoplasmic Extracts from Mammalian Cells
10 Purification by CNBr Coupling
11 Purification of DNA-Binding Proteins Using Biotin. Streptavidin Affinity Systems
12 Purification of Sequence-Specific DNA-Binding Proteins by Affinity Chromatography
13 Rapid Separation of Protein-bound DNA From Free DNA Using Nitrocellulose Filters
14 Types of Chromatography
15 UV-Crosslinking of Proteins to Nucleic Acids
High Efficiency Plasmid Recovery
1 Efficient recovery of plasmid DNA with high nuclease activity
2 High-yield method for DNA isolation