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Robertson Lab

Immuno Related Assays

                                                                            The Robertson Lab All Protocols List
Immuno Assays
1 Western Immunoblot Protocol
2 Double Staining Immunfluorescence GBP-1 CD31                                                                
3 Double Staining Ki-67-CD31
4 ImmunoFISH
5 Preparation of Human Sera for EBV Latent Antigen Detection
Immunoaffinity Purification of Antibodies by GST Fusion Proteins
1 Immunoaffinity Purification of Antibodies against GST Fusion Proteins
2 Immunoaffinity Purification                                                                                                     
1 Immunofluorescence Protocol                                                                           
2 Immunofluorescence Staining
3 Immunofluorescent Staining and Flow Cytometry Procedure                                                 
Immunoperoxidase Staining
1 Immunoperoxidase Staining Procedure
2 Immunoperoxide Staining Cytospins                                                                                       
1 Immunoblotting Procedure
2 Immunoprecipitation Protocol
3 Immunoprecipitation with Staphylococcus Aureus Cells
4 Immunoprecipitation
5 ImmunoPure and UltraLink Proteins L.A.G.AG
6 Immunoprecipitation Experiment with EBNA3C and Prothymosin
7 Monoclonal Antibodies to DNA Tumor Viruses                                                                                            
8 Preparation of Protein A Beads
Western Blotting ECL Detection
1 Chemiluminescent Detection Methods
2 Immunodetection by ECL Amersham
3 Repeated Probing of Western Blots
4 RNA-RNA Hybridization
5 Western Stains Using Home-made ECL Chemiluminescent Reagents