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Instruction Protocols

                                                                                     The Robertson Lab All Protocols List
Instruction Protocols for sense basic Molecular Biology
1 A Guide to the Preparation and Use of Buffer                                                                          
2 cDNA Amplification Kit
3 Core Footprinting System
4 Glogos Autorad Markers
5 Instructions for Using the Sonic Dismembrator
6 LacSwitch II Inducible Mammalian Expression System
7 Living Colors Fluorescent Protein Protocols
8 Matchmaker Two-Hybrid System
9 pGEM-T and pGEM-T Easy Vector Systems
10 Primer Extension System - AMV Reverse Transcriptase
11 Push Column Beta Shield Device and Nuctrap Probe
12 Stratagene Random Primer Labeling Kit
13 Taq Extender PCR Additive
14 Yeast Protocols Handbook