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Microarray Pathochip Protocols

                                                                                        The Robertson Lab All Protocols List
Microarray Pathochip Protocols
1 2.5% Gel Electrophoresis
2 Amplification
3 Amplification-Step C
4 DNA purification
5 DNA-RNA Extraction and Purification
6 Hybridization
7 Library Synthesis Reaction
8 Procedures for Pathochip Microarray Experiment for Tumor FFPE samples                     
9 Purification of Amplified DNA-QIAquick PCR Purification Kit
10 RNA Purification
11 Sample Labeling. Step 1 Fluorescent Labeling of gDNA
12 Sample Labeling Procedure. Step 2 Clean-up Labeled samples
13 Vacuum Centrifuge Operation
14 Washing Microarray Scanning Steps
Data Analysis Using Partek Genomic Suite
1 Experimental Design
2 Data Interpretation and Choosing Candidates Based on the Analyses                                    
3 4 Types of Analysis done using Partek Genomic Suite
4 1st Step. Normalization of the data