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Robertson Lab

Molecular Biology Protocols

                                                                                               The Robertson Lab All Protocols List
Molecular Biology Protocols
1 Doublestaining Ki-67 CD31 mit EnVision
2 Factors that Influence
4 Gelatin Zymography Protocol
5 Gst Pulldown for Proteomic Study
6 Harvesting Cells for Luciferase Assay
7 High-Risk Behaviors Among Adult Men & Women In Botswana: Implications for HIV-AIDS Prevention Efforts
8 Knowledge HIV UB Students
9 Lysis Buffer Preparation of LMP2 Membrane Extracts
10 Montaner CITI
11 Packaging Extract Protocol II
12 Passage of C-terminal XbaI Linker Mutant Virus from E1 C64 No 22 LCL
13 Phase Lock Gel Manual
14 Preparation of Vectors Treated with Alkaline Phosphatase
15 Pulse Chase Assay
16 Refractive Index Reference for CsCl
17 Ribonuclease Protection Assay
18 Shift Western Protocol
19 Staph Preparation
20 Stratagene Gigapack Gold Packaging Extract
21 Sucrose Gradient Centrifugation
22 Western Blot of Protein Expressed by Yeast
P32 Labeling of GST Fusion Proteins
1 Generation of P32-GST Fusing Proteins                                                                                 
2 P32-GST Scale-up Guidelines
Molecular Cloning Protocols
1 Agar, Agarose and Concentrated Media
2 Antibiotics
3 Autoradiography
4 Buffers for Restriction Endonuclease Digestion
5 Cell Counts with a Hemacytometer
6 Chromatography Through Sephadex G-50
7 Common Electrophoretic Buffers
8 Commonly Used Gel-loading Buffers
9 Concentration of Nucleic Acids
10 Determination of Viability by Trypan Blue Exclusion
11 Drying Down 32P-labeled Nucleotides from Mixtures of Ethanol and Water 
12 Enzymes
13 Glassware and Plasticware
14 Liquid Media
15 Mutation Detection by Cleavase Fragment Length Analysis
16 Measurement of Radioactivity in Nucleic Acids
17 Northern Blotting
18 Preparation of Buffers and Solutions
19 Preparation of Dialysis Tubing
20 Preparation of Multimers of Plasmids as Molecular Weight Markers
21 Preparation of Organic Reagents
22 Preparation of Stock Solutions
23 Proteolytic Enzymes
24 Protocol for Sequencing by the Maxam-Gilbert Technique
25 Purification of Nucleic Acids
26 Quantification of DNA and RNA
27 Solutions for Working with Bacteriophage Lambda
28 Solutions Biochemical Techniques
Preparation of Competent Cells
1 Competent bacteria protocol
2 Preparation of Competent Cells