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RNA Related Protocols

                                                                                   The Robertson Lab All Protocols List
RNA Related Protocols
1 RNA Gel                                                                                                                              
RNA Gel Shift
1 E. Coli Ribonuclease III Methods
2 Gel Motility Shift Assay Protocol                                                                                     
RNA Isolation
1 Controlling Ribonuclease Activity
2 DNA Multipreparation
3 Electrophoresis of RNA Through Gels Containing Formaldehyde
4 Extraction, Purification, and Analysis of mRNA from Eukaryotic Cells                    
5 Gel Electrophoresis of RNA
6 Hybridization and Autoradiography
7 Isolation of mRNA from Mammalian Cells
8 Isolation of mRNA from Suspension of Cells to RNAZol B
9 Isolation of Total Cellular RNA
10 Isolation of Total RNA from Cultured Cells
11 Life Technology Trizol RNA and DNA Isolation
12 Nuclease-S1 Mapping of RNA
13 RNA Isolation by the RNAZol B Method
14 RNAZol B Isolation of RNA
15 Selection of Poly(A) RNA
16 Staining RNA After Transfer to Nitrocellulose Filters
17 Staining RNA Before and After Transfer to Nitrocellulose Filters
18 Straight A's mRNA Isolation System
19 Transfer of Denatured RNA to Nitrocellulose Filters
20 Transfer of Denatured RNA to Nylon Membranes
21 Ultraspec-II RNA Isolation System
RNA Preparation from B-Lymphocytes
1 RNA Preparation from B-Lymphocytes