Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Robertson Lab

Tumor Virology Seminar Meeting 2020-2021

– takes place the third Friday of every month via Bluejeans at 12pm.  Two trainees present their research findings each month.  The 2020 – 2021 schedule is as follows –

September 18th 
Speaker:   ♦    Sophia Reeder, D. Weiner Lab 
        Title: "Immunogenicity of a DNA vaccine candidate for COVID-19."  
Speaker:   ♦    Sydney Campbell, K. Wellen Lab 
        Title: "Glutamine deprivation triggers NAGK-dependent hexosamine salvage." 
October 16th
Speaker:   ♦    Yi Xu, X. Yang Lab
        Title: "Regulation of IDH1/2 by p53 via Chaperone-Mediated Autophagy". 
Speaker:   ♦    Yaroslav Morozov, R. Greenberg Lab
        Title: "BRCC36 Deubiquitinating Enzyme Activity Alleviates Auto-Inhibitory Ubiquitination
        for BRCA1-RAP80 DNA Damage Recognition".  

November 20th
Speaker:   ♦     June Yang, J. You Lab
         Title: "Epigenetic control of viral infection and cancer". 
Speaker:   ♦     Dan Ricketts, R. Marmonstein Lab
         Title: "Development of Inhibitors for HIRA Mediated H3.3/H4 Deposition".

December 18th
Speaker:   ♦    Alex Price, M. Weitzman Lab
        Title: "Long read RNA sequencing reveals novel chimeric viral transcripts". 

January 15th
Speaker:   ♦    Yonggang Pei, E. Robertson Lab 
         Title:  "Genome-wide mapping of EBV-induced chromosome modifications".
Speaker:   ♦    Amulya Sreekumar L. Chodosh Lab
        Title: "Determining the Role of Proteoglycan Synthesis in Maintaining Cell Survival during
        Tumor Dormancy".

February 19th
Speaker:   ♦    Liangqian Huang, X. Yang Lab
        Title: "Poly-Glutamate/Aspartate-Containing Proteins are new regulators for
        Liquid-Liquid Phase Separation (LLPS)". 
Speaker:   ♦    Wei Liu, J. You Lab
        Title: "Selective reactivation of STING signaling to target Merkel cell carcinoma".    
March 19th
Speaker:  ♦   Nathan Krump, J. You Lab 
Speaker:  ♦   Scarlett Yang, A. Thomas-Tikonenko Lab
      Title: "Role of FBXW7 isoforms in normal and neoplastic human B cells".
April 16th
Speaker:   ♦   Josh Hatterschide, E White Lab
       Title: “Human papillomavirus E7 activates YAP to restrict epithelial differentiation”. 
Speaker:   ♦   Noreen McBrearty, S. Fuchs Lab
       Title: “The tumor suppressive role of Ch25h in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma".
May 21st
Speaker:   ♦     Jia-Ying Lee (Lloyd), E. Witze Lab
         Title: "Therapeutic implications for small molecule inhibition of palmitoylation".
Speaker:   ♦     Luke Izzo, K. Wellen Lab
         Title: "Fatty acid oxidation supplies acetyl-CoA through an ACLY and ACSS2 independent
         mechanism in hepatocellular carcinoma".
June 17th
Speaker:   ♦   Joangela Nouel, E. White Lab
       Title: "Defining the role of the interaction between high-risk HPV E7s and cellular proteins
       in HPV-mediated carcinogenesis".