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Selected Past Publications

Pineda CM, Park S, Mesa KR, Wolfel M, Gonzalez DG, Haberman AM, Rompolas P*, Greco V*. (2015) Intravital imaging of hair follicle regeneration in the mouse. Nat Protoc, 10(7):1116-30.  *Corresponding authors  

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Deschene ER, Myung P, Rompolas P, Zito G, Sun TY, Taketo MM, Saotome I, Greco V.  (2014) β-Catenin activation regulates tissue growth non-cell autonomously in the hair stem cell niche. Science, 343(6177):1353-6.  

Rompolas P*, Greco V*. (2014) Stem cell dynamics in the hair follicle niche. Semin Cell Dev Biol, 25-26:34-42.  *Corresponding authors  

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Rompolas P, Deschene ER, Zito G, Gonzalez DG, Saotome I, Haberman AM, Greco V. (2012) Live imaging of stem cell and progeny behaviour in physiological hair-follicle regeneration. Nature, 487(7408):496-9.  



2016:  Research Scholar Award, American Skin Association

2014:  Blavatnik Postdoctoral Award Winner in Life Sciences, New York Academy of Sciences and the Blavatnik Foundation

2014:  Future of Science Fund Scholarship, Keystone Symposia

2013:  Postdoctoral Fellowship in Basic, Clinical and Translational Stem Cell Studies, New York Stem Cell Foundation

2013:  Merton Bernfield Memorial Award, American Society for Cell Biology

2012:  Future of Science Fund Scholarship, Keystone Symposia

2011:  Postdoctoral Fellowship in Medical Sciences, James Hudson Brown - Alexander Brown Coxe

2008:  Research Fellowship Award, University of Connecticut Partnership for Excellence in Structural Biology

2005:  Graduate Fellowship Award, Gerondelis Foundations

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