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MASS ChangeLog

Release 1.1.0 (Aug 26, 2014)

Major Changes
  • Improved the performance of the ChooseTemplate mechanism (may give different results than the 1.0.0 version)
  • Made the package adaptive to different batch processing (job scheduling) softwares
  • Added unit and system tests to the package
  • Discontinued the ability to generate ventricle masks
  • Converted the templates from float to byte
  • Added 3 more templates to Templates/WithoutCerebellum
  • Made the following changes to the options 
  • “-sge” – “-log”
  • “-NOSGE” – “-NOQ”
  • “-tmp” – discontinued
  • “-VNmask” – discontinued 
  • Added the following options 
  • “-mask” – to specify the output mask name
  • “-cbq” – to specify the output intensity image
  • “-mem” – to specify the memory requirement 
Minor Changes
  • Added a mass utility functions script
  • Added a feature to retain intermediate files
  • Removed all references to SBIA environment variables, making it more generic to systems outside SBIA
  • Updated the web addresses to point to the new CBICA website
  • Modified the intermediate filenames to allow the user to run multiple instances of mass on images stored in the same directory
  • Added an option to request memory for the mass-registrations and mass-skullstripping jobs, instead of a hardcoded value
  • Created a CBICA software webpage for the package
  • Made the script adaptive to filenames relative to current working directory
  • Modified the mechanism to create temporary directory slightly to accept a user specified directory

Release 1.0.0 (Jan 1, 2013)

  • First stable release.