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Mouse Datasets

These mouse datasets provide developmental patterns across subjects and gender for understanding growth and development of murine brains with respect to structural changes observed via diffusion properties. In the following table, the representative datasets from 9 development stages (days) are provided. In each stage, we include one male subject and one female subject, as well as the group averaged image in this day. Also provided are the corresponding FA images. The corresponding file names are provided in the table.

Data format:

The provided diffusion tensor image is a voxel-wise image with each voxel containing 6 tensor components [Dxx Dyy Dzz Dxy Dxz Dyz] in float format. The FA image is in float format. All datasets are stored with little endian. They are resampled to be with size 300x300x200, and voxel resolution 0.06x0.06x0.06 mm.

The details about the dataset are:

Days Male Female Average
Day 2 M_2_M_D (DTI & FA) M_2_F_A (DTI & FA) meanDay2 (DTI & FA)
Day 3 M_3_M_A (DTI&FA) M_3_F_B (DTI&FA) meanDay3 (DTI&FA)
Day 5 N/A M_5_F_C (DTI&FA) meanDay5 (DTI&FA)
Day 7 M_7_M_E (DTI&FA) M_7_F_B (DTI&FA) meanDay7 (DTI&FA)
Day 10 M_10_M_C(DTI&FA) M_10_F_A (DTI&FA) meanDay10(DTI&FA)
Day 15 M_15_M_B(DTI&FA) M_15_F_A(DTI&FA) meanDay15(DTI&FA)
Day 20 M_20_M_F (DTI&FA) N/A N/A
Day 30 M_30_M_A (DTI&FA) N/A N/A
Day 40 N/A M_40_F_C(DTI&FA) N/A
Day 80 N/A N/A N/A
To obtain the representative sample of dataset please visit

If you need the complete dataset details for which are provided here.

Please refer to the following papers in case you use the dataset in your research:

  1. Sajjad Baloch, Ragini Verma, Hao Huang, Parmeshwar Khurd, Sarah Clark, Paul Yarowsky, Ted Abel, Susumu Mori, Christos Davatzikos, "Quantification of brain maturation and growth patterns in C57BL/6J mice via computational neuroanatomy of diffusion tensor images", Cerebral Cortex, in press, 2008.
  2. Ragini Verma, Susumu Mori, Dinggang Shen, Paul Yarowsky, Christos Davatzikos, "Spatio-temporal maturation patterns of murine brain quantified via diffusion tensor MRI and deformation-based morphometry", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 102(19): 6978-6983, May 2005.