Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Section for Biomedical Image Analysis (SBIA)

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Imaging Genomics - Radiogenomics

Determination of the expression status of molecular targets is currently based on ex vivo post-operative single specimen tissue analyses, which:    

  1. cannot reflect the heterogeneously expressed molecular alterations,   
  2. are not considered repeatedly due to their invasive nature,   
  3. are not possible to inaccessible tumors,   
  4. might be unavailable due to cost and equipment availability.

Considering the translational potential, and with the intention of eventually leading to more effective personalized therapies (Precision Medicine), we focus on hypothesis-driven research, as well as the development and application of advanced computational methodologies for integrative analysis of genomic information and quantitative features extracted from multimodal routine clinically-acquired imaging (Radiomics) that reflect tumor biological and physiological processes. Such analyses intends to identify highly accurate in vivo imaging surrogates of molecular targets, enabling non-invasive:

  1. determination of regional molecular expression,
  2. repeatable monitoring of molecular information during treatment,
  3. patient selection for targeted therapy,
  4. stratification into clinical trials,
  5. prognostic predictions.