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The Society exists to support your development in research and strives to enhance clinical research management. You are encouraged to participate in the Society as an active member.

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The Society forms Task Forces to get things done.  The Task Forces are formed as needed and are made up of members of The Society who volunteer their time. They are short term projects (usually lasting less than 6 months). 

If you are interested in joining a task force, send an email to the Chair of the Task Force.

Re-vitalizing taskforce:

  • To re-engage members of the Society, encourage innovative ideas, and foster a new generation of clinical research coordinators to lead the Society in the years to come. 
  • To develop a Vision document to include ways to support, educate, and engage CRCs and enhance their research experience at Penn.

Chair: Katherine Lammond

Best practices taskforce:

  • To identify research practices for key issues that occur within in varying ways across research groups in the institution and to develop a best practice for those key issues.

Chair: Regina Munroe

Penn/CHOP taskforce:

  • The goal of this taskforce was to identify and address common issues faced by research staff while conducting a Penn/CHOP collaborative clinical research study. The taskforce identified 2 key issues  namely access and billing faced by CRCs at both institutions while conducting collaborative studies.
  • The topic of "access" for research coordination between Penn and CHOP was addressed. Processes and resources were identified to be shared among CRCs and relevant research staff. Click on the document links below for access, please note that these documents are Penn Key protected.
  • Penn Walking Status for CHOP employees.pdf
  • Getting access to CHOP for CRCs.pdf

Chair: Maha Dutt


Chair: Tiffany Sharkoski

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