Behavioral Sleep Medicine Training Programs

The Center for Sleep & Circadian Neurobiology, in collaboration with the Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program in the Department of Psychiatry, offers a variety of training experiences. Our clinical program is fully integrated into the Division of Sleep Medicine, guided by a core belief in the importance of psychological and behavioral approaches in the prevention and management of sleep disorders.

In order to increase training opportunities in the burgeoning field of behavioral sleep medicine (BSM), we have put together a training program that emphasizes these aspects of sleep medicine. The program is one of only five BSM training programs currently accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM). It is primarily designed for psychologists-in-training, although we are open to individuals from other fields, such as medicine, nursing, and social work. Individuals can participate in the training program at various levels of training/practice:

  • All trainees are eligible to attend our three day Basic CBT-I course which typically occurs once each year in October. 
  • Trainees who have completed the three day Basic CBT-I course (live or by webinar) and/or participated in the VA Training Program, the Ryerson Courses, the DoD training, or other intensive training, or those with 1 or more years of clinical experience with CBT-I are eligible to attend our three day Advanced CBT-I course which typically occurs once each year in April.
  • Doctoral students can obtain BSM training as either a clinical practicum (Externship) or as part of the pre-doctoral internship at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
  • Clinical Psychology Internships are available to Doctoral students at CHOP and the Philadelphia VA Medical Center.
  • Trainees with a significant interest in or experience with Behavioral Sleep Medicine (established by application) are eligible to participate in our three day Advanced Mini-Fellowship (may be arranged at any time).
  • Post-doctoral trainees may engage in a two year fellowship program that provides for both clinical and research training in BSM and sleep research. This fellowship is structured around and in accordance with the NIH T-32 program (PI: Professor Allan Pack, MD)

More Information

For more information about the BSM programs at Penn, please visit the above listed websites or contact Michael Perlis (Program Director).