Click on the word "download" to either view a form and/or print it with Adobe Acrobat, or to download it as a Microsoft Word document that you can complete on your computer and email as an attachment to the appropriate person.

Access Key Application Form | download
Use this form to request new access on a new Penn ID or to add access to an existing Penn ID for School of Medicine locations. It is preferred that the form be sent electronically to and/or
Please fill out all fields on the form. This form MUST be authorized by a supervisor or supervisor of the facility you are trying to gain access to.

Alcohol Order Form
Alcohol can now be ordered on the web.  Please use the web page to order alcohol. You may pick up your alcohol on Tuesdays and Fridays between 2:00 and 4:00 p.m. by going to the service window of Distribution Services on the first floor of BRB II/III.

Audio / Visual Equipment Release Form
This form authorizes the use of the equipment by the renter and assigns responsibility for the use and maintenance of it to him/her. All requests for a/v equipment must be made through SPO*TS. The Audio / Visual Equipment Release Form will be presented for signature when the equipment is picked up by or delivered to the user.

Audio / Visual Equipment Rental
All requests for audio/visual equipment must be made in SPO*TS, the on-line tracking and scheduling system. When you are placing a request for a room for an event, you will be able to specify your needs for a/v equipment at the same time. Standard audio/visual services are provided in SOM public spaces at no charge. Special services that require additional labor will incur costs.

Capital Needs Statement | download
Use this form when your school or center is requesting a capital project. Approval by the Dean, Vice President, Vice Provost or Resource Center Director is required as appropriate.

Departmental Work Request | download
Use this form to request the services of housekeeping, a B-mechanic, or locksmith. This form is also used when maintenance and repairs are needed. This form should be used for ordering keys. You may use the form provided here, or you may request a three-part carbonized form by calling 898-8000.

Departmental Key Request | download
To order new keys, complete this form, providing a 26 digit account number along with the signature of your Business Administrator. All requests must be approved first by the Perelman School of Medicine’s Safety and Security Office, 109 Stellar-Chance, 215-898-6189. After Security’s approval, the request must be approved by our office. The approved form is then submitted to the Lock Shop. Refer to the Departmental Key Policy for further details.

Infectious Waste Pick-Up (Bio-Hazardous Waste) | download
When initiating pick-up services, please submit the Infectious Waste (Bio-Hazardous Waste) Memorandum.

Move Form
In order to request moving services, you must use SPO*TS, the on-line tracking and scheduling system. After you have logged into the system, follow the links for "Move Requests". You will have to provide information about the items to be moved and their origin and destination. A budget code is required. Please place your request at least three working days prior to your requested move date.

Property Removal Request Form
Ask your Building Administrator for this form when you are removing a piece of equipment or other large piece of property from Perelman School of Medicine premises. This form indicates that the item is being removed with the appropriate permission of a manager, supervisor, or individual in a comparable level of authority.

Request for Renovation Services Form
Use the digital request for renovation services system if you are requesting a renovation to your lab, office, or other type of space. Along with basic information about the project, you must provide an account number and the approval of the Chair of the Department and BA.

Room and Services Request Form
To reserve a room or space for any type of event, lecture, presentation, ceremony, meeting, etc., you please log into Virtual EMS. A room request does not guarantee your selection. This is not a confirmation of a room reservation. Scheduling and Event Services will contact you regarding your request within (3) business days. The SES confirmation verifies that your event has been assigned space and related services. You must review the details of the confirmation to be sure they are correct. Confirmations are delivered via email and should be retained by the customer until the completion of the event or until final billing is processed.

Sign Form
Use these forms for requesting signs for new space, new staff, or changes in existing staff (Room Sign Request Form) for Lab Signs specifying the use of rooms as required by Environmental Health and Radiation Safety (Lab Sign Request Form); and for adding information to the directories located in SOM buildings (Directory Sign Request Form.)