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Standardized Patient Program

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Outcomes and Testimonials


Clinical rotation evaluation data shows improvement for interns who were coached after an SP session (research in progress — check back for updated results!)

Communication Training with SPs ranked Resource of Greatest Benefit in Simulation Survey of Penn Dept. Chairs, Specialty Directors, Nursing Education, Course Faculty & Instructors, Fall 2014)
Risk-reduction initiatives using SPs results in cost savings for health system
SPs used in Penn Med Experience starting in FY12Q2; Penn nationally recognized by Press Ganey for improved patient satisfaction scores
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School of Medicine Student Feedback:

“It gave us a chance to encounter different patient experiences in a safe environment. It is really good practice for real patients.”

“Putting students in uncomfortable situations in a safe environment (e.g., discussing religion, HIV) is a great way to explore how those issues can be addressed in a clinical setting.”

“The standardized patient interviewing is the best portion of the course and the most informative. It makes me think about circumstances that I couldn't have imagined on my own.”

“Actually going through an experience like this is much better than just reading or talking about it. I thought I knew what I was going to say, but it was much harder actually getting thoughts and words out.”

“Very realistic portrayals. It was very uncomfortable, but this was not necessarily a bad thing, as these interactions will always be difficult.”

"They were realistic scenarios that I deal with on a regular basis. The SPs also pointed out some tendencies I have acquired as a resident that I wasn't aware of."

"The guidance we were given in communication - concrete and tremendously helpful advice that we can implement. The role playing was very helpful in teasing out our strengths and weaknesses." [Faculty Development]

Other Client Feedback:

“Focus on communication not in a dental chair was great! The fact we have this class sends a good sign to the community of dental school that patient care is important for us! Loved this, please continue for underclassmen and more frequently for us!” — Dental Student, 2014

“I like how real it felt. It truly made me look at how I talk to clients as opposed to interacting with someone I know.” — Veterinary Student, 2013

“The SPs were superb - the best ones I have ever interacted with.  Their suggestions were very helpful.” — CHOP Hem/Onc Fellow, 2014