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Office of the Senior Vice Dean for Medical Education

Jordan Medical Education Center, 6th Floor
Fax: 215-573-4289

Suzanne Rose, MD, MSEd Senior Vice Dean, Medical Education 215-898-8034
Anna Delaney, MBA Chief Operating Officer 215-898-8091
Rosalyn Schorr, MSEd Associate Director of Educational Academic Affairs 215-898-4315
Liz Lewis Executive Assistant 215-898-4315
Donna Hunter Project Manager  
Doris Douglas Office Assistant 215-898-0517
Dorothy Harris Program Coordinator 215-898-0517

UME Admissions

Jordan Medical Education Center, 6th Floor
Fax: 215-573-6645

Neha Vapiwala, MD Associate Dean, UME Admissions 215-898-1529
Laura Harlan Director 215-898-1829
Torie Banks Associate Director 215-898-8002
Elyssa Goldman Coordinator 215-898-8004

Office of Student Affairs

Jordan Medical Education Center, 6th Floor
Fax: 215-573-3663

DaCarla Albright, MD Associate Dean, Student Affairs & Wellness 215-898-1529
Prithvi Sankar, MD Assistant Dean, Student Affairs & Residency Planning 215-662-8037
Carrie Renner, MA Director, Student Affairs 215-898-7969
Joe Gallo, MSEd Coordinator, Student Affairs 215-898-7190
Ashley Kim Coordinator, Student Affairs 215-898-7192

Student Success & Professional Development (Advisory Deans)

Jen Kogan, MD Associate Dean,
Student Success & Professional Development 215-898-0739
César Briceño, MD Advisory Dean 215-662-8652
Jonathan Dunham, MD Advisory Dean 215-662-4661
Carmen Guerra, MD, MSCE, FACP Advisory Dean 215-349-5200
David L. Jaffe, MD Advisory Dean 215-349-8222
Amy Pruitt, MD Advisory Dean 215-662-2796
Prithvi Sankar, MD Advisory Dean 215-662-8037
Vijay Srinivasan, MD Advisory Dean 267-426-7305
Rebecca Tenney-Soeiro, MD, MSEd Advisory Dean 267-426-7841

Curriculum Office & Classroom Support

Jordan Medical Education Center, 6th Floor
Fax: 215-573-3663

Nadia Bennett, MD, MSEd Associate Dean,
UME Clinical & Health Systems Sciences Curriculum 215-746-8135
Dennis Dlugos, MD, MSCE Associate Dean,
UME Science & Discovery Curriculum 215-898-4160
Mark Malachesky Director, Medical Education 215-746-7474 
Jessica Marcus, MSEd Associate Director, Medical Education  
Gianna Pelletier Curriculum Coordinator, Medical Education 215-746-7474
Nadir Shah Project Leader 215-573-4451
Joe Durrance IT Support Specialist 215-573-9094
Chris Gorman Coordinator, Canvas 215-573-5629
Eileen Shanahan Instructional Designer 215-898-1828
Wilma Chan, MD, EdM Director, Ultrasound Education 215-662-6698
Stacey Kassutto, MD Director, Simulation  215-823-4460

Evaluation and Assessment

Jordan Medical Education Center, 6th Floor
Fax: 215-573-8778

Jessica Dine, MD, MSHP Associate Dean,
Medical Education Research & Assessment 215-573-5111
William Pluta, PhD Director, UME Evaluation 215-573-9701
Ursula Anderson, PhD Director, UME/GME Evaluation & Research 215-573-4450
Ashley Felder Associate Director, GME Evaluation 215-573-9701
Linda Hepp Administrative Coordinator  

Diversity and Inclusion

Jordan Medical Education Center, 6th Floor

Horace DeLisser, MD Associate Dean, Diversity & Inclusion 215-898-4409
DaCarla Albright, MD Associate Dean, Student Affairs & Wellness 215-898-1529
Cindy Christian, MD Assistant Dean, Community Engagement 215-898-4409
Roy Hamilton, MD, MS, FAAN Assistant Dean, Cultural Affairs & Diversity 215-898-4409
Sharon Lewis, MD Assistant Dean, Diversity Recruitment 215-898-4409
Jack Drummond Director of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Multicultural Student Engagement  
Dorothy Harris Program Coordinator, Diversity & Inclusion 215-898-0517

Registrar's Office

Jordan Medical Education Center, 6th Floor
Fax: 215-573-3663

  Registrar 215-898-1165
Beth Marra Coordinator,
Registration & Visiting Students 215-898-1168
Yvonne Young Coordinator, Transcripts 215-898-4876
Sarah Burger Coordinator, Grading/Assessment 215-898-4876

Financial Aid

Jordan Medical Education Center, 6th Floor

Mike Sabara Director, Financial Services 215-573-3423
Leah Westermann Financial Services Coordinator 215-573-5432

Standardized Patients (SP) Program

Jordan Medical Education Center, 6th Floor
Fax: 215-573-3663

Denise LaMarra Director 215-898-3520
Janice Radway Associate Director 215-898-0622
Catherine Hagele Trainer 215-573-5605

Combined Degree & Physician Scholar Programs

Jordan Medical Education Center, 6th Floor

Skip Brass, MD, PhD Associate Dean 215-573-3540
Mark Neuman, MD, MSc Associate Faculty Director of Medical Student Scholarship and Research 215-746-6468
Maggie Krall Director of Administration 215-898-8025
Francia Portacio Associate Director 215-746-2359
David Bittner MD-PhD Coordinator 215-898-8025

Continuing Medical Education (CME)

Jordan Medical Education Center, 6th Floor

Thomasine Gorry, MD Associate Dean, CME  
Vaughn Wurst Manager 215-898-8872
Liz Butler Coordinator 215-898-6126
Crystal Mathis Coordinator 215-898-8005
Belinda Rose Coordinator 215-898-8006
Ansheai Spence Coordinator 215-898-6400
Mindy Pollock Troy Coordinator, Grand Rounds 215-898-9603

Ombudsman for Students

113 Duhring Wing, 236 S. 34th St.

Penn Ombuds 215-898-8261