Course Waivers & Advanced Standing Policy

Course Waivers and Advance Standing Policy

It is recognized that some students entering the Perelman School of Medicine (PSOM), or repeating a year, may have an adequate knowledge base in some of the topics covered in the educational program. This may be based on graduate level course work in a Master’s degree, PhD program, or other graduate degree granting program such as the Oral Maxillofacial Surgery program after a dental doctorate degree. Accordingly, students may qualify for advanced standing in individual courses or modules. 

Once enrolled at PSOM, a student who believes their prior course work or experience qualifies them for a waiver or advanced standing can discuss the request with the Associate Dean for Student Success and Professional Development. Assessment of a student’s prospects for receiving a course waiver or advance standing in a course or module will include documentation of credentials and experience in the subject area in question. The Associate Dean for Student Success and Professional Development will discuss the request with the relevant course or module director. With agreement of the course or module director, students will be required to take an assessment to guarantee prior attainment of course goals and objectives. The Student Standards Committee will approve the Advanced Standing Course Waiver if the student successfully passes the assessment on the first attempt. 

In the circumstance whereby a student is repeating the year in a remediation program while under the purview of the Student Standards Committee, a discussion with the Associate Dean for Student Success and Professional Development, informed by the Course Director’s opinion, will determine if waivers are appropriate. An exam is not required since the student has already passed the exam in that course or module. Any decision must be endorsed by the Student Standards Committee.

Updated 4/21/2021