Info Flow with OSC

Flow of Student Information: Between PSOM and the Office of Student Conduct at the University of Pennsylvania

An individual’s professional and academic behavior has a direct impact on all clinical relationships with patients and our community. Students at the Perelman School of Medicine (PSOM) at the University of Pennsylvania, must abide by University and PSOM policies and regulations. Students are responsible for their behavior and are subject to all University and PSOM policies regarding behavior, including the Code of Student Conduct and the Code of Academic Integrity, as well as the Academic Honor Code for the Perelman School of Medicine, and Penn Medicine’s professionalism initiative called RISE: Respect, Integrity, Self-care, and Etiquette.

In the event of a complaint, charge, or finding that a student violated the Code of Student Conduct, the Code of Academic Integrity, or any other University or PSOM policy related to behavior or professionalism, the University’s Office of Student Conduct (OSC) and PSOM’s Senior Vice Dean for Medical Education (or designee) may request and share information between the two offices, specifically related to documented instances of academic and/or professionalism issues. This applies to MD and MD/PhD students in any activity, course, and/or program in the University.

Any such matter may lead to a student’s record being presented to and the situation adjudicated by the University’s Student Disciplinary System, or the student will be referred to the PSOM Student Standards Committee, but not both. Outcomes of disciplinary processes are outlined on the University and PSOM websites and may result in disciplinary or other actions, including mention of any finding, complaint, or charge in the student’s Medical Student Performance Evaluation (formerly known as the Dean’s letter), with or without a disciplinary designation. PSOM may be required to report instances of disciplinary action when requested by state, residencies, hospitals, and/or licensing entities.