Course Directors – Module 3


Introduction to Clinical Medicine: The Doctor-Patient Benoit Dube, MD 215-746-7254
Introduction to Ultrasound Diagnostics Wilma Chan, MD 215-662-6698
Introduction to Clinical Medicine: First Semester Wilma Chan, MD 215-662-6698
Cindy Christian, MD 215-590-2058
Anita Lee, MD 215-662-9990
Bill Matthai, MD 215-662-9000
Differential Diagnosis Anita Lee, MD 215-662-9990
Adult Introduction to Clinical Medicine Anita Lee, MD 215-662-9990
Pediatric Introduction to Clinical Medicine Keri Cohn, MD 215-977-9779
Amanda Van Pelt  
Health Care Systems David Grande, MD 215-573-3804
Mitesh Patel, MD, MBA 215-898-3367
Daniel Polsky, PhD, MPP 215-573-5752
Introduction to Emergency Medicine Ed Dickinson, MD 215-662-2313