Planetary Health Resources

PSOM Planetary Health Resources Database
This guide is a comprehensive, one-stop resource for medical students at PSOM who would like to engage with the health impacts of climate change & sustainability in healthcare. You can find helpful links throughout the guide covering everything from student groups, to funding resources, research, advocacy, continuing education, & more. There are many ways to be involved with planetary health as a medical student! Several key resources from the database are highlighted below. 

Planetary Health Report Card
A national, student-driven initiative to encourage expansion of planetary health programming in medical schools. PSOM students completed the first annual review in June 2020. We use these metrics to help push forward our planetary health efforts every year. 

Funding Resources for Planetary Health Projects:

Supplementary Planetary Health Courses
Take up to 3, free supplementary courses as a PSOM student from across the university. For planetary health courses, check out the University of Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Studies course catalogue here.

Planetary Health Events on Campus: