PSOM Response to Goldfarb Message

UMELT has received your messages of concern in response to former Professor of Medicine and Associate Dean for Curriculum Stanley Goldfarb’s response to this recent article published in Academic Medicine, tweeting “could it be they were just less good at being residents.” We are disheartened that our institution and our anti-racist efforts could be overshadowed by such divisive statements. We would like to share this statement shared by Dean Jameson, as the institutional response to Dr. Goldfarb’s message.

Such comments, and thinking, on the part of Dr. Goldfarb are harmful and damaging to our URiM students. We are here to be a resource and source of support for our students in the community who feel negatively impacted by this recent messaging. As an anti-racist medical school, we will continue to do the work necessary to maintain that standard as reflected in our leadership and curriculum. As well, we seek to support the efforts and programming of our affinity groups who are dedicated to erasing the impact of structural racism on the health and access to care for our Black and Brown patients. PSOM remains committed to recruiting, retaining, and supporting excellent URiM students, fostering our diversity, equity, and inclusion mission. In the coming days, we look forward to creating the opportunity to engage students a bit further on this topic to create a safe space for personal expression and debriefing.

Let’s continue to work together to strengthen this community!

Dr. Albright and Dr. DeLisser along with UMELT, IDEAL MEd, and MSTP:

Suzanne Rose, MD, MSEd, Senior Vice Dean for Medical Education
Horace DeLisser, MD, Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion
DaCarla Albright, MD, Associate Dean for Student Affairs and Wellness
Nadia Bennett, MD, MSEd, Associate Dean for UME Clinical and Health Systems Sciences Curriculum
Skip Brass, MD, PhD, Associate Dean for Combined Degree and Physician Scholars Programs 
Prithvi Sankar, MD, Assistant Dean for Student Affairs and Residency Planning
Cindy Christian, MD, Assistant Dean for Community Engagement 
Anna Delaney, MBA, Chief Operating Officer   
Dennis Dlugos, MD, Associate Dean for UME Science and Discovery Curriculum  
Roy Hamilton, MD, MS, Assistant Dean for Cultural Affairs and Diversity 
Jennifer Kogan, MD, Associate Dean for Student Success and Professional Development
Sharon Lewis, MD, Assistant Dean for Diversity Recruitment 
Jessica Dine, MD, Associate Dean for Assessment
Neha Vapiwala, MD, Associate Dean for UME Admissions

May 25, 2022