Shadowing Opportunities

Faculty in an increasing number of specialties will allow students to shadow them. Click below for names and contact information.


Family Medicine

Faculty willing to let students shadow include:

Specialty Last Name First Name Email
  Teel Joseph
  Ghazi Nasreen
  Betancourt Renee

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Faculty willing to allow students to shadow include:

Specialty Last Name First Name Email
Adolescent/Primary Care Tomescu Oana

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Orthopaedic Surgery

Faculty willing to allow students to shadow include:

Specialty Last Name First Name Email
Ortho Trauma Ahn Jaimo
Ortho Trauma Donegan Derek
Hand Steinberg David
Spine Milby Andrew
Sports/Shoulder Kelly John D
Sports Zgonis Miltiadis
Shoulder & Elbow Huffman G Russell
Pedi/Sports Wells Lawrence
Pedi, Non-op Deeney Vincent
Pedi Spiegel David
Pedi/Sports Lawrence J Todd
Pedi/Neuromuscular Baldwin Keith
Arthroplasty Nelson Charles
Arthroplasty Sheth Neil
Foot & Ankle Farber Daniel
Foot & Ankle O'Connor Kate Kathryn.O'

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Faculty willing to allow students to shadow include:

Last Name First Name Email  
Mirza Natasha  
Abboud Soo Kim  
Lee Jonathan  
Newman Jason  
Javia Luv  
Elden Lisa  
Dunham Brian  
Chalian Ara  
Eliades Steven  
Adappa Nithin  


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Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Faculty willing to allow students to shadow include:

Specialty Last Name First Name Email
Womens health and sports medicine Casey Ellen
Neurorehabilitation and traumatic brain injury care Swanson Randel
Outpatient spinecare medicine Plastaras Chris
Inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation experience Lenrow David DLENROW@MAIL.MED.UPENN.EDU
Inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation experience Caldera Frank
Spinal cord injury medicine inpatient/outpatient Berry Jessica
Brain injury medicine and neurorehabilitation inpatient/outpatient Charles Jeremy
General rehabilitation McClure Matt
Outpatient spine medicine Popescu Adrian

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Faculty willing to allow students to shadow include:

Specialty Last Name First Name Email
Colon & Rectal Surgery Aarons Cary
Transplant Surgery Abt Peter
Gastrointestinal Surgery Bar Allen
Cardiothoracic Surgery Bermudez Christian
Trauma/ESS Surgery Braslow Benjamin
Surgical Oncology Brooks Ari
Hand Surgery Chang Benjamin
Plastic Surgery Fischer John
Vascular Surgery Foley Paul
Gastrointestinal Surgery Harbison Sean
Plastic Surgery Kovach Stephen
Trauma/ESS Surgery Martin Niels
Thoracic Surgery Pechet Taine
Breast Surgery Sataloff Dahlia
Colon & Rectal Surgery Saur Nicole
Gastrointestinal Surgery Soriano Ian
Breast Surgery Tchou Julia
Plastic Surgery Wahrman Aron
Gastrointestinal Surgery Wernsing David

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Master Clinicians Shadowing

As you may know, Penn Medicine’s Academy of Master Clinicians, established in 2013, was designed to honor those Penn Medicine physicians who are recognized as consistently outstanding clinicians. Election to the Academy of Master Clinicians is the highest honor to be bestowed on a Penn physician. A Master Clinician is distinguished by a superior depth of knowledge in the field and a willingness to pursue new knowledge; recognized for excellent judgment, integrity, and exemplary interpersonal and communication skills with patients and colleagues at all levels; a committed and supportive team player; treats all patients equally, acts as a patient advocate, and demonstrates compassion and empathy toward patients; an outstanding educator and serves as a role model and mentor who exemplifies the highest levels of professionalism; and positively influences the culture of Penn Medicine.
The members of the Academy have stated that interacting with med students on a one-on-one basis is a priority. In addition to acting as mentors to the members of the student houses, the Master Clinicians have established what we call the Open Access Program and have offered to work with students individually in the clinical environment. The goal of this program is to instill the type of service and dedication to clinical excellence in new physicians that has been recognized in these experienced clinicians. Below is a list of those participating and contact information. The list is long – please take advantage of access to these distinguished physicians. If you wish to spend time with any of these Master Clinicians, please contact them directly to set up a time.
With the understanding that primarily first-year students have the flexibility to take advantage of this program, all students are welcome to participate; in whatever form they find helpful, even setting up a “get to know you” meeting. We hope you take advantage of the opportunity to work with these outstanding physicians.


Michael Ashburn

Anesthesiology & Critical Care Penn Medicine at Rittenhouse

Louis Bell


Emily Blumberg

Infectious Diseases

Steven Brem


Cabrina Campbell

VA – Inpatient Psychiatry

Stanley Caroff

VA - Psychiatry

Joe Carver


Ara Chalian

Otorhinolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery

Edward Dickinson

Emergency Medicine

Jack Ende

Internal Medicine

Gary Freedman

Rad Onc

John Glick

Medical Oncology

Stephen Gluckman

General Internal Medicine & Infectious Disease

Janice Hillman

Adolescent Medicine, Radnor

Craig Israelite

Orthopedic Surgery

Ellen Kim


Joshua Levine

Neurology – Neurocritical Care

Jack Ludmir


Stephen Ludwig


Natasha Mirza


Kathleen Montone

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

Amy Pruitt


Anne Reilly


Richard Rutstein


Dahlia Sataloff

Endocrine and Oncologic Surgery Pennsylvania Hospital

Joe Savino

Anesthesiology and Critical Care (Heart & Vascular ICU)

Brian Sennett

Orthopaedic Surgery

Don Siegel

Pathology & Laboratory Medicine

John Stern Infectious Disease

Pennsylvania Hospital

Ursina Teitelbaum


Gregory Tino

PPMC – Pulmonary (Chief of Medicine)

David Vaughn Oncology

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Radiation Oncology

Faculty willing to allow students to shadow include:



First Name 

Last Name 


CNS Michelle  Alonso-Basanta
Glioblastoma Robert Lustig
Breast Gary Freedman
Head and Neck Alex Lin
Head and Neck Nick  Lukens
Head and Neck Alireza  Fotouhi-Ghiam
GI Edgar  Ben-Josef
GU Neha Vapiwala
GU John  Christodouleas
Proton Therapy John  Plastaras
Pediatric Robert Lustig
Pediatric Goldie  Kurtz
Pediatric Chrissie Hill-Kayser
Palliative Care Joshua Jones
Pulmonary Keith  Cengel
Pulmonary Abigail  Berman
Pulmonary Steven  Feigenberg
Big Data/NCDB/SEER/Health Policy Sam  Swisher-McClure
Big Data/NCDB/SEER/Health Policy Justin  Bekelman


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Specialty Last Name First Name Email
Ophthalmology Sankar Prithvi

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