PSOM To-Do List

Feb – May 2019

  • By February 15: Complete the graduation registration form and submit it to OSA.  
  • By February 20: Enter your NRMP rank order list by 9:00 a.m. EST.     
  • End of February: Submit your nominations for graduation awards (make this an ANCHOR link to the bottom of this page “Graduation Awards Nominations”  
  • By March 1:  
    • Complete and send the cap and gown order form. (link to a machform that PMACS needs to create — see Caps & Gowns doc), 
    • Sign and send the consent to surveys letter to Justin Bittner at or fax 215-898-0833. 
    • Fill out and submit the AAMC survey completion form, which you will receive in an email from the registrar. 
    • Notify Jessica Maguire if you wish to audition for graduation student speaker.  
  • Monday, March 11: Check the NRMP website to see if you matched.  
  • Friday, March 15: Go to the Match Day celebration at noon.  
  • By April 1: Pay all outstanding bills (link to our Outstanding Bill Payments section), loans and fines.  
  • By April 30: Complete and send the AAMC graduation questionnaire, which you will also receive in an email from the registrar. 
  • Pick up your graduation tickets from Jessica Maguire. See Graduation Details for more information about tickets. 

Graduation Awards Nominations Anchor

Please visit OASIS to view the descriptions and submit your nominations for the following awards:   

  • MSG Basic Scientist Teaching Award  
  • Joel Gordon Miller Award 
  • MSG Clinical Teaching Award 
  • Arnold P. Gold Foundation Humanism in Medicine Award 
  • Russell J. Stumacher, MD, Memorial Prize 
The submission deadline, which is announced in early spring, is typically the end of February. If necessary, PSOM will prepare ballots for final selections on Match Day.