Weather Emergency School Closing Policy

Students in Core 1 and Frontiers/Measey STeP to Residency should not report to in-class activities when the University declares an inclement weather-related closing. In this event, the University will issue a statement that “normal University operations are suspended.” Remote (virtual) activities, such as live-streamed lectures and virtual small groups, may or may not be cancelled. It is possible that students will be notified of a transition to online learning. Students are responsible for any pre-recorded didactic sessions. 

Students in Core 2 clerkship rotations and Core 3 clinical elective rotations should not report to their clinical sites when BOTH the University and the City declare a weather-related emergency. Students may be informed that some activities may be transitioned to online. Students are asked to use caution and consider their own personal safety and act accordingly with appropriate communication and coverage. If a student is unable to safely attend, they must notify their clerkship/elective director and clinical team. This will be considered an excused absence, but the student will be responsible for any didactic material or any required activities that may have been missed. In situations where there is a discordance between University and City closure decisions, the Academic Programs administration (UMELT) will make a determination about clinical rotations and will send a central message to students and clerkship directors.

Students in Core 3 clinical sub-internship rotations are directly involved in patient care and are expected to meet their clinical obligations to their patients. These students are expected to report to their clinical site. If there is concern for their personal safety, the student should contact their sub-internship director and their clinical team in order to make accommodations.

Students can access the most up to date weather information via the following: 

Updated 08/08/22