Well-Being Index

Perelman School of Medicine invites you to participate in the Medical Student Well-Being Index. This validated tool helps students understand their overall well-being and risk compared with other medical students across the nation. It also provides access to local and national resources.  

The Well-Being Index is 100% anonymous. Your individual information and score are private and will not be shared with anyone, including the University of Pennsylvania. 

Assess Your Well-Being Now!  
Invitation Code: PENN STUDENTS 

Track Your Results Over Time 

Use this tool to correlate changes in your well-being with life and practice events. Based on the results, the tool will provide resources when you need them most. 

Compare Your Score Nationally 

Comparing your results on a national level with other medical students provides an important gauge. The tool allows you to see where you are doing better or where you may be at greater risk vis-à-vis your peers.  

Access Free Resources 

We strive to provide education and awareness through resources. After completing the Well-Being Index, you will have access to both national and local resources across multiple categories and topics. 

For Questions, Contact: 

Anna Delaney, Chief Academic Officer 

Erika Dawson, Coordinator, Program for Diversity & Inclusion