Faculty in the News

Congratulations to James H. Eberwine, Ph.D., on his impressive honor of being inducted into the National Academy of Medicine, for his pioneering work in the field of single-cell genomics that has revealed the complexities of human and mouse transcriptome variability.  This is a great recognition of Jim’s impressive contributions to the field.  Read More

Sleep Deprivation Shuts Down Production of Essential Brain Proteins - Two studies in the recent issue of Science look at the important role synapses play in sleep. Akhilesh Reddy, MB, PhD, an associate professor of Pharmacology and not involved in either study, tells Scientific American that the research may help us understand how memories are processed while we sleep. Read More

Congratulations to Dr. James Eberwine, recipient of the NIHDirector's Pioneer Award! Learn more Dr. Eberwine's project and research interests

Getting "exhausted" T cells back into action against cancer - Knowable Magazine, August 28, 2019. (Q&A with E. John Wherry, PhD.)

Reviving Tired T Cells to Improve Immunotherapy Treatments - FierceBiotech highlighted a Nature paper by John Wherry, PhD, chair of Pharmacology and director of the Penn Institute of Immunology, and colleagues, which identified the protein TOX as key to waking up exhausted T cells. Read More

Benjamin Voight, PhD, comments on the gene variants used in the analysis. Sorry, Moderate Drinking Doesn’t Protect Against Stroke. Read More

Congratulations to Trevor Penning, PhD, he has won the 2019 Founders' Award from the Division of Chemical Toxicology.  Read More

The online journal eLife has created its first “computationally reproducible” article, in which figures are integrated with the software, data and computational environment required to produce them. Casey Greene, PhD, an assistant professor of Pharmacology, comments in Nature. Read More