Virtual Family Conference Instructions

The goal of this for family communication: quickly create BlueJeans meetings and send the information to families, clinicians, and others to join.

Eligibility criteria:
  • This communication system can be used with the vast majority of inpatients.
  • Non-COVID floor/unit: okay to use
  • COVID floor/unit that has built-in ELERT cameras: okay to use
  • COVID floor/unit that does NOT have built-in ELERT cameras: do NOT use for now
Step by Step Instructions For Use

Step 1: Log onto the site:  OR via Remote Access Portal at "Virtual Visits" link using your health system credentials.

Step 2:​Click "Choose Inpatient" button

Step 3: ​Search for a patient by name or a unit (e.g., "FP9" for Founders 9 MICU)

Step 4: ​Click blue "BlueJeans meeting" button. This will create a BlueJeans meeting for the patient that is the same for the duration of the hospitalization. If you want to join the meeting from the device you are on, click the link to join it. Most laptop workstations on wheels will have a camera and be able to access BlueJeans (if not, contact IS support).

Step 5: ​Send the meeting link to anyone else who needs to join (e.g, family members, longitudinal clinicians, your own cell phone) by clicking the white "Send to others" button and entering the phone number or email. It will send them the information directly. 



Information to be provided for Families for BlueJeans can be found here


Example clinical uses:

A) I am the pulmonary service APP and I want to give the family a daily clinical update. I access the site from a laptop workstation and start the patient's meeting. I send the link to the patient's brother in California and his spouse in New Jersey. They have the app installed, click the texted link, the app opens, and we all videoconference.

B) I am the ICU fellow and I want to hold a family conference to discuss goals of care. I access the site from a nurses station computer and text the link to the "covering provider" using that invite button, then text the link to my work cellphone, the patient's partner, their daughter in Florida, the patient's primary outpatient oncologist, and the palliative care consultant team. I and the bedside RN go into an empty family room. We all videoconference.

C) I am the oncology resident and a patient is dying in the hospital. I access the site from a Penn-provided ipad and connect to the BlueJeans meeting. I place the ipad at the bedside. I text the link to the patient's family member. They share it with their pastor. I exit the room. The family sings to the patient, tells stories, and their pastor offers a prayer.

This is an iterative process and the telehealth/innovation teams are actively responding to clinical needs. For example, they are working on auto-populating emergency contact information so that you don't need to type the various numbers each time. Please send other suggestions as you attempt to use it!