Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Wang Lab



MPICoordinating Center for Genetics and Genomics of Alzheimer's Disease (CGAD), NIH/NIA U54-AG052427, $10,801,796 total for the entire project over five years (MPI: Gerard Schellenberg/Li-San Wang).

Core C Co-LeaderConsortium for Alzheimers Sequence Analysis (CASA), NIH/NIA UF1-AG047133, $12,638,607 over four years for the entire project (Contact PI: Gerard Schellenberg).

Co-InvestigatorRole Of Single Cell mRNA Variation In Systems Associated Electrically Excitable Cells, NIH Common fund/NIMH U01-MH098953, $2,311,889 total per year for the entire project (PI: James Eberwine/Junhyong Kim)   (I direct the data coordination group for all three U01 projects for the NIH Common Fund Single Cell Analysis Program -- Transcriptomics (SCAP-T)).

PIComputational genome-wide RNA profiling using next-generation sequencing, NIH/NIGMS R01-GM099962, $1,560,000 total for the entire project (PI: Li-San Wang).

PI, The NIA Genetics of Alzheimer’s Disease Data Storage Site, NIH/NIA U24-AG041689, $7,731,763 total for the entire project over five years (PI: Li-San Wang).

A complete list of Li-San Wang's grant support is available here.