Dr. Kim has always taken the best care of me.  She has provided continuous care for me over the past several years.  I was under Dr. Kim's care when my first pregnancy ended in a loss due to cord detachment in the ninth month.  Dr. Kim was there for me before the incident occurred during what was otherwise a very healthy pregnancy during which she monitored my medication.  She supported me and I had the utmost confidence when I tried to get pregnant again through fertility that she would monitor my medication and counsel me, which she did.  I was pregnant four months after my loss of Gavin and gave birth to Joseph Gavin in September of  2011.  Because of her medical knowledge and compassionate care, I was able to have faith that all would be well.  Thank God for her.  She is wonderful!  As I continue my care with her, I know she will provide excellent treatment and unconditional love.  I would recommend Dr. Kim to any woman who has bipolar disorder.
A Patient of Dr. Deborah Kim - 10/14

Dr. Deborah Kim is an accomplished doctor with impeccable credentials. What you may not see in her biography is that she takes personal, compassionate interest in all her patients. Dr. Kim has gone above and beyond for me too many times to count. Dr. Kim is a remarkable doctor in every sense of the word. 
A Patient of Dr. Deborah Kim - 9/14

Webster's defines grateful as: pleasing by means of comfort supplied or discomfort alleviated. I simply can not express my gratitude for all that Dr. Mathews has helped me work through. I suffered with depression in my late teenage years and again in my late 40s. Quite honestly, if I was treated then how I was treated now, I do not believe I would have had a second depression. Science and the work your team is doing was a lifesaver for me, literally. 
A Patient of Dr. Sarah Mathews - 10/12

In Dr. Kim’s care there is strength through partnership in health, comfort through her generous availability, peace in the ability to trust her suggestions, and freedom through her flexibility and the opportunity to make choices. Through Dr. Kim’s treatment my improvement is remarkable and clearly noticeable to those around me. When people comment on my success or I see others struggling, I credit Dr. Kim and her indescribable devotion and passion for women’s health. 
A Patient of Dr. Deborah Kim - 9/12 

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