Warren B. Bilker, Ph.D.

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Professor of Biostatistics in Biostatistics and Epidemiology at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania
Department: Biostatistics and Epidemiology
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Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology
University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine
601 Blockley Hall, 423 Guardian Drive
Philadelphia, PA 19104-6021
Office: 215-898-1619
Fax: 215-573-4865
B.A. (Mathematics)
Temple University, 1981.
M.S. (Statistics)
Temple University, 1984.
Ph.D. (Biostatistics)
Johns Hopkins University, 1992.
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Description of Research Expertise


Selected Publications

Hennessy S, Leonard CE, Gagne JJ, Flory JH, Han X, Brensinger CM, Bilker WB: Pharmacoepidemiologic methods for studying the health effects of drug-drug interactions (DDIs. Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics 2016, in press.

Downes KJ, Weiss SL, Gerber JS, Kleiger S, Fitzgerald J, Balamuth F, Kubis S, Tolomeo P, Bilker WB, Han X, Nachamkin I, Garrigan C, Han JH, Lautenbach E, Coffin SE, for the CDC Prevention Epicenter Program: A pragmatic biomarker-driven algorithm to guide antibiotic use in the pediatric intensive care unit: the optimizing antibiotic strategies in sepsis (OASIS) study. Journal of Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society 2016, in press.

Bonacci RA, Frasca K, Swift L, Sha D, Bilker WB, Bamford L, Yehia B, Gross R: Antiretroviral refill adherence correlates with, but poorly predicts retention in HIV care. AIDS and Behavior 2016, in press.

Langleben DD, Hakun JG, Seelig D, Wang AL, Bilker WB, Gur RC: Polygraphy and functional magnetic resonance imaging in lie detection: a controlled blind comparison using the concealed information test. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry 2016, in press.

Moore TM, Reise SP, Satterthwaite TD, Davatzikos C, Bilker WB, Port AM, Jackson CT, Ruparel K, Savitt AP, Baron RB, Gur RE, Gur RC: Development of an itemwise efficiency scoring method: concurrent, convergent, discriminant, and neuroimaging-based predictive validity assessed in a large community sample. Psychological Assessment 2016, in press.

Kelly BJ, Lautenbach E, Nachamkin I, Coffin SE, Gerber JS, Fuchs B, Garrigan C, Han X, Bilker WB, Wise J, Tolomeo P, Han JH, CDC Prevention Epicenters Program : Combined biomarkers discriminate a low likelihood of bacterial infection among surgical intensive care unit patients with suspected sepsis. Diagnostic Microbiology and Infectious Disease 2016, in press.

Davis MF, Hu B, Carroll K, Bilker WB, Tolomeo P, Cluzet VC, Baron P, Ferguson JM, Morris DO, Rankin SC, Lautenbach E, Nachamkin I, for the CDC Prevention Epicenters Network: Comparison of culture-based methods to identify colonization with methicillin-resistant and methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus in the context of co-colonization. Journal of Clinical Microbiology 2016, in press.

Leonard CE, Bilker WB, Brensinger CM, Han X, Flory JH, Flockhart DA, Gagne JJ, Cardillo S, Hennessy S: Severe hypoglycemia in users of sulfonylurea antibiabetic agents and antihyperlipidemics. Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics 2016, in press.

Matsui M, Tanaka C, Niu L, Noguchi K, Bilker WB, Wierzbicki M, Gur RC : Age-related volumetric changes of prefrontal gray and white matter from healthy infants to adults. International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Neurology 2016, in press.

Leonard CE, Han X, Bilker WB, Flory JH, Brensinger CM, Flockhart DA, Gagne JJ, Cardillo S, Hennessy S: Comparative risk of severe hypoglycemia among concomitant users of thiazolidinediones antidiabetic agents and antihyperlipidemics. Diabetes Research & Clinical Practice 115: 60-67, 2016.

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