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Study Reveals Possible Therapeutic Target for Common, But Mysterious Brain Blood Vessel Disorder

26 Jan 2015 – Tens of millions of people around the world have abnormal, leak-prone sproutings of blood vessels in the brain called cerebral cavernous malformations (CCMs). These abnormal growths can lead to seizures, strokes, hemorrhages, and other serious conditions, yet their precise molecular cause has never... Read more

Penn Medicine Selected for Digital 25 Award by IDG Enterprise Media

22 Jan 2015 – Penn Medicine received a 2015 Digital Edge 25 Award, produced by IDG Enterprise media brands CIO and Computerworld and the CIO Executive Council. One of 25 recipients nationwide, Penn Medicine is the only academic medical center on the list. Read more

Medicaid "Fee Bump" to Primary Care Doctors Associated with Better Access to Appointments, According to Penn Study

22 Jan 2015 – The increase in Medicaid reimbursement for primary care providers, a key provision of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), was associated with a 7.7 percentage points increase in new patient appointment availability without longer wait times, according to results of a new 10-state study. Read more

Penn Study Uncovers Secrets of a Clump-Dissolving Protein

22 Jan 2015 – Penn Medicine researchers have discovered that a previously disregarded part of the Hsp104 structure, the N-terminal domain (NTD), located at one end of the Hsp104 molecule, is a major player in its protein-busting powers. Read more

Penn Medicine Opens Pavilion for Advanced Care, Integrating Critical Care Specialties and Expanding Penn Presbyterian Medical Center Campus

22 Jan 2015 – This month, Penn Medicine's new 144 million-dollar facility, the Pavilion for Advanced Care (PAC) at Penn Presbyterian Medical Center (PPMC), opened the doors to its first patients. Clinical teams from critical care specialties, surgical services, trauma/emergency services and radiology have come... Read more

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