Kevin G. Lynch, PhD

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Associate Professor of Biostatistics in Psychiatry at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania and the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Department: Psychiatry
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Suite 370, 3440 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: 2157467707
Fax: 2157462988
B.Sc. ((Mathematics))
University College, Galway, Ireland , 1988.
M.Sc. ( (Mathematics and Statistics))
University College, Galway, Ireland , 1989.
M.A. ((Statistics))
Yale University , 1990.
Ph.D ((Statistics))
Yale University , 1997.
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Description of Research Expertise


Selected Publications

Peer, K., Rennert, L., Lynch, K.G., Farrer, L., Gelernter, J., and Kranzler, H.R. : Prevalence of DSM-IV and DSM-5 Alcohol, Cocaine, Opioid, and Cannabis Use Disorder Diagnoses in a Substance Dependent Sample. Drug and Alcohol Dependence 127(1-3): 215-219, 2013.

Benton, T.D., Lynch, K.G., Dubé, B., Gettes, D.R., Tustin, N.B., Metzger, D.S., Blume, J., Douglas, S.D., Evans, D.L. : The Glucocorticoid Antagonist RU-486 Suppresses HIV Infectivity and Replication. The Journal of Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences 25(1): 51-57, 2013.

McKay JR, van Horn D, Ivey M, Drapkin ML, Rennert L, and Lynch KG: Enhanced continuing care provided in parallel to intensive outpatient treatment does not improve outcomes for patients with cocaine dependence. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs 74(4): 642-651, 2013.

Coviello DM, Zanis DA, Wesnoski SA, Palman N, Gur A, Lynch KG, McKay JR: Does mandating offenders to treatment improve completion rates? Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 44(4): 417-425, 2013.

Wang A-L, Loughead J, Strasser A, Ruparel K, Romer D, Blady S, Cappella J, Lynch K, Lerman C, and Langleben, D: Content matters: neuroimaging investigation of brain and behavioral impact of televised anti-tobacco public service announcements. Journal of Neuroscience 33(17): 7420-7427, 2013.

Plebani JG, Lynch KG, Yu Q, Pettinati HM, O'Brien CP, Kampman KM.: Results of an initial clinical trial of varenicline for the treatment of cocaine dependence. Drug and Alcohol Dependence 121(1-2): 163-6, Feb 2012.

Coviello Donna M, Cornish James W, Lynch Kevin G, Boney Tamara Y, Clark Cynthia A, Lee Joshua D, Friedmann Peter D, Nunes Edward V, Kinlock Timothy W, Gordon Michael S, Schwartz Robert P, Nuwayser Elie S, O'Brien Charles P: A multisite pilot study of extended-release injectable naltrexone treatment for previously opioid-dependent parolees and probationers. Substance abuse : official publication of the Association for Medical Education and Research in Substance Abuse 33(1): 48-59, Jan 2012.

Dackis. C., Kampman, K.M., Lynch, K.G., Plebani, J.G., Pettinati, H.M., Sparkman, T., and O'Brien, C.P. : A Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial of Modafinil for Cocaine Dependence. Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment 43(3): 303-312, 2012.

Morgenstern J, Kuerbis A, Amrhein P, Hail L, Lynch K, and McKay, J: Motivational Interviewing: A Pilot Test of Active Ingredients and Mechanisms of Change. Psychology of Addictive Behaviors 26(4), 2012.

Lei H, Nahum-Shani I, Lynch K, Oslin D, Murphy S A: A "SMART" Design for Building Individualized Treatment Sequences. Annual review of clinical psychology 8, 2012.

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