John J O'Shea, MD

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Adjunct Professor of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Department: Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
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St. Lawrence University, Canton, New York, 1974.
University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1978.
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Selected Publications

O'Shea John J, Jones Russell G: Autoimmunity: Rubbing salt in the wound. Nature Mar 2013.

Vahedi Golnaz, C Poholek Amanda, Hand Timothy W, Laurence Arian, Kanno Yuka, O'Shea John J, Hirahara Kiyoshi: Helper T-cell identity and evolution of differential transcriptomes and epigenomes. Immunological reviews 252(1): 24-40, Mar 2013.

O'Shea John J, Laurence Arian, McInnes Iain B: Back to the future: oral targeted therapy for RA and other autoimmune diseases. Nature reviews. Rheumatology 9(3): 173-82, Feb 2013.

O'Shea John J, Holland Steven M, Staudt Louis M: JAKs and STATs in immunity, immunodeficiency, and cancer. The New England journal of medicine 368(2): 161-70, Jan 2013.

Sciumé Giuseppe, Hirahara Kiyoshi, Takahashi Hayato, Laurence Arian, Villarino Alejandro V, Singleton Kentner L, Spencer Sean P, Wilhelm Christoph, Poholek Amanda C, Vahedi Golnaz, Kanno Yuka, Belkaid Yasmine, O'Shea John J: Distinct requirements for T-bet in gut innate lymphoid cells. The Journal of experimental medicine 209(13): 2331-8, Dec 2012.

Vahedi Golnaz, Takahashi Hayato, Nakayamada Shingo, Sun Hong-Wei, Sartorelli Vittorio, Kanno Yuka, O'Shea John J: STATs shape the active enhancer landscape of T cell populations. Cell 151(5): 981-93, Nov 2012.

Gil M Pilar, Ploquin Mickaël J Y, Watford Wendy T, Lee Seung-Hwan, Kim Kwangsin, Wang Xin, Kanno Yuka, O'Shea John J, Biron Christine A: Regulating type 1 IFN effects in CD8 T cells during viral infections: changing STAT4 and STAT1 expression for function. Blood 120(18): 3718-28, Nov 2012.

Pandiyan Pushpa, Yang Xiang-Ping, Saravanamuthu Senthil S, Zheng Lixin, Ishihara Satoru, O'Shea John J, Lenardo Michael J: The role of IL-15 in activating STAT5 and fine-tuning IL-17A production in CD4 T lymphocytes. Journal of immunology (Baltimore, Md. : 1950) 189(9): 4237-46, Nov 2012.

Carpenter Andrea C, Grainger John R, Xiong Yumei, Kanno Yuka, Chu H Hamlet, Wang Lie, Naik Shruti, dos Santos Liliane, Wei Lai, Jenkins Marc K, O'Shea John J, Belkaid Yasmine, Bosselut Rémy: The transcription factors Thpok and LRF are necessary and partly redundant for T helper cell differentiation. Immunity 37(4): 622-33, Oct 2012.

Laurence Arian, Amarnath Shoba, Mariotti Jacopo, Kim Yong Chan, Foley Jason, Eckhaus Michael, O'Shea John J, Fowler Daniel H: STAT3 transcription factor promotes instability of nTreg cells and limits generation of iTreg cells during acute murine graft-versus-host disease. Immunity 37(2): 209-22, Aug 2012.

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