Nirmala Nirinjini Naidoo, Ph.D.

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Research Associate Professor of Medicine
Department: Medicine
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Translational Research Laboratories
125 South 31st Street, Suite 2100
Philadelphia, PA 19104-3403
Office: 215-746-4811
Fax: 2156-746-4814
B.S. (Biochemistry and Microbiology)
University of Durban-Westville, South Africa, 1982.
B.S. (Biochemistry, Honors)
University of Durban-Westville, South Africa, 1984.
M.S. (Biochemistry)
University of Durban-Westville, South Africa Dissertation: An Investigation of the Preparation and Interaction of Glycoprotein-DNA Conjugates with Eukaryotic Cell Receptors, 1986.
Ph.D. (Chemistry)
University of Pennsylvania Dissertation: Structure-Function Studies on Alpha-1-Antichymotrypsin, 1994.
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Description of Research Expertise

Dr. Naidoo’s research focuses on the molecular mechanisms of sleep regulation. She uses both the mouse and Drosophila models in her studies using biochemical and proteomic approaches to study the cellular responses to sleep deprivation. She has established that the endoplasmic reticulum is a critical sensor of perturbations that result from sleep deprivation and that a cellular protective pathway, the unfolded protein response, is induced when mice or Drosophila are sleep deprived. In addition, Dr. Naidoo is studying age-related changes in cellular protective pathways in response to sleep deprivation. Recently completed studies suggest that inadequate sleep in the elderly, who normally experience sleep disturbances, leads to an impaired cellular protective response that may in turn lead to further sleep disturbances beginning a vicious cycle of sleep loss and cellular damage. Current studies are exploring the mechanisms by which this may occur. She is also studying the role of the synaptic scaffolding protein, Homer, in sleep-wake behavior.

Selected Publications

Brown MK, Strus E, Naidoo: Reduced Sleep During Social Isolation Leads to Cellular Stress and Induction of the Unfolded Protein Response. Sleep. Journal of Sleep 1(7): 40, July 2017 Notes: Sleep. 2017 Jul 1;40(7). doi: 10.1093/sleep/zsx095.

Gardner B, Strus E, Meng QC, Coradetti T, Naidoo NN, Kelz MB, Williams JA: Sleep homeostasis and general anesthesia: Are fruit flies well-rested after emergence from propofol? Anesthesiology 124(2): 404-416, February 2016 Notes: Epub 2015 Nov 9.

Brown MK, Chan MT, Zimmerman JE, Pack AI, Jackson NE, Naidoo N: Aging induced endoplasmic reticulum stress alters sleep and sleep homeostasis. Neurobiology of Aging 35(6): 1431-1441, Jun 2014.

Naidoo N, Davis JG, Zhu J, Yabumoto M, Singletary K, Brown M, Galante R, Agarwal B, Baur JA: Aging and sleep deprivation induce the unfolded protein response in the pancreas: implications for metabolism. Aging Cell 13(1): 131-141, Feb 2014.

Seibt J, Aton S, Dumoulin M, Coleman T,,Watson A, Naidoo N, Frank MG: Protein synthesis during sleep consolidates cortical plasticity. Current Biology 22(8): 676-682, April 2012.

Naidoo, N, Ferber M, Galante RJ, McShane B, Hu J, Zimmerman J, Maislin, G, Cater J, Worley P, Pack AI: Role of Homer proteins in the maintenance of sleep-wake states. PLoS One 7(4): e35174, 2012.

Naidoo N: The unfolded protein response in mouse cerebral cortex. Methods in Enzymology - UPR and Cell Stress 489: 3-21, 2011.

Naidoo N, Zhu J, Zhu Y, Galante R, Lian J, Veasey S: Endoplasmic reticulum stress in wake active neurons progresses with aging. Aging Cell 10(4): 640-649, 2011.

McShane BB, Galante RJ, Jensen ST, Naidoo N, Pack AI, Wyner A: Characterization of the bout durations of sleep and wakefulness. Journal of Neuroscience Methods 193(2): 321-333, Nov 30 2010.

Grandner MA, Kripke DF, Naidoo N, Langer RD : Relationships among dietary nutrients and subjective sleep, objective sleep and napping in women. Sleep Medicine 11(2): 180-184, 2010.

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