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Reynold A. Panettieri, Jr., MD

Robert L. Mayock and David A. Cooper Professor of Pulmonary Medicine
Director, Comprehensive Asthma Program, University of Pennsylvania Health System
Chief, Asthma Section, Pulmonary, Allergy & Critical Care Division, University of Pennsylvania
Director, Airways Biology Initiative, University of Pennsylvania
Associate Program Director, General Clinical Research Program, University of Pennsylvania
Director, Integrative Health Sciences Facilty Core, Center of Excellence in Environmental Toxicology, University of Pennsylvania
Deputy Director, Center of Excellence in Environmental Toxicology, University of Pennsylvania
Department: Medicine

Contact information
University of Pennsylvania
125 South 31st Street
TRL Suite 1200
Philadelphia, PA 19104-3413
Office: (215) 573-9860
Fax: (215) 746-1224
Lab: (215) 746-2759
Graduate Group Affiliations
B.S. (Biology)
St. Joseph's University, Philadelphia, PA, 1979.
M.D. (Medicine)
University of Pennsylvania, 1983.
M.A. (Honorary)
University of Pennsylvania, 1998.
Post-Graduate Training
Intern in Medicine, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania , 1983-1984.
Resident in Medicine , Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, 1984-1986.
Fellowship, Pulmonary Diseases, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, 1986-1989.
Research Fellowship (Supervisors: Drs. Alan Kelly and Neal Rubinstein) , University of Pennsylvania, 1987-1989.
Research Fellowship (Supervisor: Dr. Peter Nowell) , University of Pennsylvania, 1988-1989.
Internal Medicine, 1986.
Pulmonary Medicine, 1988.
Critical Care Medicine, 1992.
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Description of Research Expertise

Smooth muscle biology, airway remodeling, respiratory pharmacology and physiology

Description of Clinical Expertise

Asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, irreversible airway obstruction

Selected Publications

Balenga Nariman A, Klichinsky Michael, Xie Zhihui, Chan Eunice C, Zhao Ming, Jude Joseph, Laviolette Michel, Panettieri Reynold A, Druey Kirk M: A fungal protease allergen provokes airway hyper-responsiveness in asthma. Nature communications 6: 6763, April 2015.

Lötvall Jan, Panettieri Reynold A: Reviewer acknowledgement 2014. Respiratory research 16(1): 9, February 2015.

Guedes Alonso G P, Deshpande Deepak A, Dileepan Mythili, Walseth Timothy F, Panettieri Reynold A, Subramanian Subbaya, Kannan Mathur S: CD38 and airway hyper-responsiveness: studies on human airway smooth muscle cells and mouse models. Canadian journal of physiology and pharmacology 93(2): 145-53, Feb 2015.

Marozkina Nadzeya V, Wang Xin-Qun, Stsiapura Vitali, Fitzpatrick Anne, Carraro Silvia, Hawkins Gregory A, Bleecker Eugene, Meyers Deborah, Jarjour Nizar, Fain Sean B, Wenzel Sally, Busse William, Castro Mario, Panettieri Reynold A, Moore Wendy, Lewis Stephen J, Palmer Lisa A, Altes Talissa, de Lange Eduard E, Erzurum Serpil, Teague W Gerald, Gaston Benjamin: Phenotype of asthmatics with increased airway S-nitrosoglutathione reductase activity. The European respiratory journal 45(1): 87-97, Jan 2015.

Sharma Amitabh, Menche Jörg, Huang Chris, Ort Tatiana, Zhou Xiaobo, Kitsak Maksim, Sahni Nidhi, Thibault Derek, Voung Linh, Guo Feng, Gulbahce Natali, Baribaud Frédéric, Tocker Joel, Dobrin Radu, Barnathan Elliot, Liu Hao, Panettieri Reynold A, Tantisira Kelan G, Qiu Weiliang, Raby Benjamin A, Silverman Edwin K, Vidal Marc, Weiss Scott T, Barabási Albert-László: A disease module in the interactome explains disease heterogeneity, drug response and captures novel pathways and genes. Human molecular genetics Page: Epub ahead of print, Jan 12 2015.

Carr Richard, Du Yang, Quoyer Julie, Panettieri Reynold A, Janz Jay M, Bouvier Michel, Kobilka Brian K, Benovic Jeffrey L: Development and Characterization of Pepducins as Gs-biased Allosteric Agonists. The Journal of biological chemistry 289(52): 35668-84, Dec 2014.

Brightling Christopher E, Bleecker Eugene R, Panettieri Reynold A, Bafadhel Mona, She Dewei, Ward Christine K, Xu Xiao, Birrell Claire, van der Merwe René: Benralizumab for chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and sputum eosinophilia: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, phase 2a study. The Lancet. Respiratory medicine 2(11): 891-901, Nov 2014.

Columbo Michele, Panettieri Reynold A, Rohr Albert S: Asthma in the elderly: a study of the role of vitamin D. Allergy, asthma, and clinical immunology : official journal of the Canadian Society of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 10(1): 48, Sep 2014.

Morgan Sarah J, Deshpande Deepak A, Tiegs Brian C, Misior Anna M, Yan Huandong, Hershfeld Alena V, Rich Thomas C, Panettieri Reynold A, An Steven S, Penn Raymond B: Beta-agonist-mediated relaxation of airway smooth muscle is PKA-dependent. The Journal of biological chemistry 289(33): 23065-23074, Aug 2014.

Dileepan Mythili, Jude Joseph A, Rao Savita P, Walseth Timothy F, Panettieri Reynold A, Subramanian Subbaya, Kannan Mathur S: MicroRNA-708 regulates CD38 expression through signaling pathways JNK MAP kinase and PTEN/AKT in human airway smooth muscle cells. Respiratory research 15: 107, Aug 2014.

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