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Bradley Davidson

Department: Cell and Developmental Biology

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Swarthmore College
Department of Biology
500 College Ave.
Swarthmore, PA 19081
B.A. (Biology)
Swarthmore College, 1991.
Ph.D. (Zoology)
University of Washington, 2002.
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Selected Publications

Cooley, James. Whitaker, Stacia. Sweeney, Sarah. Fraser, Scott. Davidson, Brad.: Cytoskeletal polarity mediates localized induction of the heart progenitor lineage. Nature Cell Biology 13(8): 952-7, Aug 2011.

Ragkousi, Katerina. Beh, Jeni. Sweeney, Sarah. Starobinska, Ella. Davidson, Brad.: A single GATA factor plays discrete, lineage specific roles in ascidian heart development. Developmental Biology 352(1): 154-63, Apr 1 2011.

José Xavier-Neto, Brad Davidson, Marcos Sawada Simoes-Costa, Rodrigo Abe Castro, Hozana Andrade Castillo, Allysson Coelho Sampaio and Ana Paula Azambuja: Evolutionary Origins of Hearts. Heart Development and Regeneration. Rosenthal and Harvey (eds.). Elsevier Science, June 2010.

Christiaen, Lionel. Stolfi, Alberto. Davidson, Brad. Levine, Michael.: Spatio-temporal intersection of Lhx3 and Tbx6 defines the cardiac field through synergistic activation of Mesp. Developmental Biology 328(2): 552-60, Apr 15 2009.

Christiaen, Lionel. Davidson, Brad. Kawashima, Takeshi. Powell, Weston. Nolla, Hector. Vranizan, Karen. Levine, Michael.: The transcription/migration interface in heart precursors of Ciona intestinalis. Science 320(5881): 1349-52, Jun 6 2008.

Davidson, Brad.: Movers and shakers: evolution and development of the mesoderm. Journal of Experimental Zoology. Part B. Molecular & Developmental Evolution 310(1): 1-4, Jan 15 2008.

Beh, Jeni. Shi, Weiyang. Levine, Mike. Davidson, Brad. Christiaen, Lionel.: FoxF is essential for FGF-induced migration of heart progenitor cells in the ascidian Ciona intestinalis. Development 134(18): 3297-305, Sep 2007.

Roberts, Brock. Davidson, Brad. MacMaster, Glen. Lockhart, Victoria. Ma, Eva. Wallace, Shannon Smith. Swalla, Billie J.: A complement response may activate metamorphosis in the ascidian Boltenia villosa. Development Genes & Evolution 217(6): 449-58, Jun 2007.

Davidson, Brad.: Ciona intestinalis as a model for cardiac development. [Review] [57 refs] Seminars in Cell & Developmental Biology 18(1): 16-26, Feb 2007.

Davidson, Brad. Shi, Weiyang. Beh, Jeni. Christiaen, Lionel. Levine, Mike.: FGF signaling delineates the cardiac progenitor field in the simple chordate, Ciona intestinalis. Genes & Development 20(19): 2728-38, Oct 1 2006.

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