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Paul H. Axelsen, M.D.

Professor of Pharmacology
Department: Pharmacology

Contact information
Department of System Pharmacology and Translational Therapeutics
10th Floor, Stellar Chance
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office: (215) 898-9238
B.S. (Summa cum Laude, Biochemistry)
University of Minnesota, 1978.
M.D. (Medicine)
Mayo Medical School, Rochester, MN, 1982.
Post-Graduate Training
Resident in Internal Medicine, Mayo Graduate School, 1982-1985.
Fellow in Infectious Diseases, Mayo Graduate School, 1985-1989.
Fellow in Biophysics, Mayo Graduate School, 1986-1989.
Internal Medicine (ABIM), 1985.
Infectious Diseases (ABIM), 1989.
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Description of Research Expertise

Protein lipid interactions, especially membrane-mediated protein folding and amyloidogenesis. Optical spectroscopy, especially infrared, fluorescence, and internal reflection spectroscopy

Description of Clinical Expertise

Clinical pharmacology
Infectious Diseases, especially emerging antimicrobial resistance
HIV/AIDS, Travel and International Medicine

Selected Publications

Liu L, Komatsu H, Murray IVJ, Axelsen PH: Promotion of amyloid beta protein misfolding and fibrillogenesis by a lipid oxidation product. J Molec Biol 377: 1236-1250, 2008.

Axelsen PH: A chaotic pore model of polypeptide antibiotic action. Biophys J 94: 1549-1550, 2008.

Komatsu H, Liu L, Murray IV, Axelsen PH: A mechanistic link between oxidative stress and membrane mediated amyloidogenesis revealed by infrared spectroscopy [Review] Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1768: 1913-1922, 2007.

Silva RAGD, Schneeweis LA, Krishnan SC, Zhang X, Axelsen PH, Davidson WS: The structure of apolipoprotein A-II in discoidal high density lipoproteins. J Biol Chem 282: 9713-9721, 2007.

Murray IVJ, Liu L, Komatsu H, Uryu K, Xiao G, Lawson JA, Axelsen PH: Membrane mediated amyloidogenesis and the promotion of oxidative lipid damage by amyloid beta proteins. J Biol Chem 282: 9335-9345, 2007.

MacDonald ML, Murray IV, Axelsen PH: Mass spectrometric analysis demonstrates that BODIPY 581/591 C11 overestimates and inhibits oxidative lipid damage Free Radical Biology & Medicine 42: 1392-1397, 2007.

Cegelski L, Steuber D, Mehta AK, Kulp DW, Axelsen PH, Schaefer J: Conformational and quantitative characterization of oritavancin-peptidoglycan complexes in whole cells of Staphylococcus aureus by in vivo 13C and 15N labeling. J Molec Biol 357: 1253-1262, 2006.

Londergan CH, Wang J, Axelsen PH, Hochstrasser RM: Two-dimensional infrared spectroscopy displays signatures of structural ordering in peptide aggregates. Biophys J 90: 4672-4285, 2006.

Haque ME, Koppaka V, Axelsen PH, Lentz BR: Properties and structures of the influenza and HIV fusion peptides on lipid membranes: implications for a role in fusion. Biophys J 89: 3183-3194, 2005.

Axelsen PH: Vaccine A [Review] JAMA 293: 2664, 2005.

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