Department of Psychiatry

Penn Behavioral Health

Fees and Payment

Penn Behavioral Health's Forensic Psychiatry Service views each case as uniquely important and ensures personalized attention for every client. Our Medical Director, Charles Dackis, M.D., is available to discuss all prospective cases and determine the appropriate expert witness assignment for the evaluation or assessment services.

Fees and Deposits

Initial Discussion with Dr. Dackis No Charge
Review of documents $400/hour
Preparation of reports $400/hour
Deposition testimony $450/hour*
Patient examination $450/hour
Trial Testimony (half day) $3000
Trail Testimony (full day) $5000

Neuropsychological testing, psychological testing and neuroimaging fees will depend on the recommended tests and evaluations.

Our services will be billed on a monthly basis and payable to Penn Behavioral Health.

*Travel time is billed at $400/hour.

Cancellation Policy

A charge of $500 will be billed for deposition or court appearances that are cancelled without at least 24 hours notice.


A retainer of $2000 is requested.

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