What is the NUMi?

NUMi stands for Numeracy Understanding in Medicine Instrument, an objective test of health numeracy that is appropriate for both research and clinical settings.The NUMi will indicate how well a person will understand education materials, instructions, orother forms of communication that involve numbers, tables, & graphs, probability or statistics.The NUMi was developed and validated using item response theory (Med Decis Making 2012;32:851-865)

surveyHealth Numeracy Definition

The ability to understand medical information presented with numbers, tables and graphs, probability, and statistics and to use that information to communicate with your health care provider, take care of your health, and participate in medical decisions.

Written NUMi

A 20-item test of health numeracy that is available for use in research or clinical settings


A computer adaptive test of the NUMi. The NUMi CAT is administered on a computer.  This approach requires fewer items to measure numeracy skill and decreases respondent burden.