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Orphan Disease Center and High-Throughput Screening Core Pilot Grant

The Orphan Disease Center, in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania's new High-Throughput Screening Core is now announcing a Pilot Grant Program to highlight the expertise and service of the Core available to ODC members. Applications with a focus to utilize the Core's ability to screen either a) FDA approved/FDA-like drug libraries or b) siRNA libraries of Gene Ontology (GO) categories or user-defined gene sets to identify/validate candidate gene targets are encouraged.

For more details about this grant program and how to apply, please review the application guidelines here: HTSC Pilot App Guidelines
Application Template: HTSC Pilot App Template
Application Budget Template: Pilot Detailed Budget Template
Click here to submit your application: HTSC & ODC Pilot Grant Application
Helpful links:
NIH Biographical Sketch: Template, Instructions/Sample

Contact information:
For questions concerning the scientific/technical content of your application, please contact David or Sara.
David C. Schultz, PhD
Technical Director, High-throughput Screening Core
University of Pennsylvania
67 John Morgan Building
3620 Hamilton walk
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Ph: 215-573-9641

Sara Cherry, PhD
Associate Professor of Microbiology
Scientific Director, High-throughput Screening Core
University of Pennsylvania
304K Lynch Laboratories
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Ph: 215-746-2384

For any questions regarding the application process, formatting, etc., please contact Samantha.
Samantha Charleston
Assistant Director
Orphan Disease Center
University of Pennsylvania
Ph: 215-573-6822

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