The Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Office of the Executive Vice Dean and Chief Scientific Officer

The Dean's Recruitment Advisory Committee Meeting

Chaired by the Executive Vice Dean and Chief Scientific Officer

The Recruitment Advisory Committee (RAC) was established in 2002 to work in concert with the chairs and dean to assess the academic qualifications of prospective candidates to the tenure and research tracks.

The standing members of the RAC include the Executive Vice Dean and Chief Scientific Officer, one department chair, one senior scientist from a basic science department, and one senior scientist from a clinical department. At least one ad hoc member with relevant research expertise to the candidate is selected for each committee.

The RAC meets as requested by Department Chairs. The committee meets to evaluate the dossier, discuss the recommendation with the department chair, and vote to recommend in favor of or against the proposed action. Approved recommendations for recruitment/appointment are sent to the Dean, who presents them to the Standing Committee of Department Chairs for consideration and discussion. The Dean then presents the approved recommendation to the Provost’s Staff Conference where the final decision is made by the Provost.

A dossier consisting of the following documents must be submitted to the Executive Vice Dean and Chief Scientific Officer. In addition please include the Recruitment Control Number (RCN) and the Departmental COAP vote.

Please direct all questions regarding the Dean's Recruitment Advisory Committee to Connie Weinstein at

For additional information regarding recruitment please visit the School of Medicine's Office of Faculty Affairs and Professional Development.

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