The Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Office of the Executive Vice Dean and Chief Scientific Officer

School of Medicine Animal Research Committee (SOM-ARC)

Membership / Policies and Guidelines / Memorandums

Please direct all questions regarding the School of Medicine Animal Research Committee to
the Assistant Dean for Research at

2013 Committee Membership

Stuart Isaacs, MD - Chair
Associate Dean for Animal Research

Associate Professor, Medicine

Marisa Bartolomei, PhD
Professor, Cell and Developmental Biology

Irwin Lucki , PhD
Professor, Psychiatry

David L. Gasser, PhD
Professor, Genetics

Joshua Gold, PhD
Associate Professor, Neuroscience

Jonathan Maltzman, MD, PhD
Assitant Professor, Medicine

James M. Wilson, MD, PhD
Professor, Pathology & Laboratory Medicine


Derrick A. Dow
Associate Director, Husbandry and Facilities, ULAR

Peter J. Felsburg, VMD, PhD
Trustee Professor, Immunology
Chair, IACUC

Diane J. Gaertner, DVM, ACLAM
Director, University Laboratory Animal Resources

Troy M. Hallman, PhD, MS, VMD
Director, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee

Phillip Scott, PhD
Associate Dean for Research
School of Veterinary Medicine

Staff Support

Susan R. Passante
Senior Executive Director
Office of the Executive Vice Dean and Chief Scientific Officer

Policies and Guidelines

Management of MHV-Infected Rooms/Suites in SOM Animal Facilites
(Policy No. RA-ANML-001)

Quarantine of Rodents Due to Infectious Disease Outbreak in SOM Animal Facilites
(Policy No. RA-ANML-002) [pdf]

Relocation of Rodents Between Rooms, Suites and Facilities in SOM Vivaria
(Policy No. RA-ANML-003.2)

Mouse Transfers from the CRB Transgenic and Chimeric Mouse Facility to the JMB Animal Service Unit
(Policy No. RA-ANML-004)
[pdf] (Discontinued 09-12-2011)

Procedures for Management of Pinworms in SOM Rodent Facilities
(Policy No. RA-ANML-005)

Housing or Use of Animals in Non School of Medicine Sites
(Policy No. RA-ANML-006)

Management of Significant Non-Compliance in Animal Research
(Policy No. RA-ANML-007)

Management of MPV-Infected Rooms/Suites in SOM Barrier Animal Facilities (Policy No. RA-ANML-008)


SOM Subvention of Mouse Cryopreservation Services [pdf]


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